21 October 2010

Spook-tacular Halloweenie Ish Post

Well, today on Yahoo I finally saw what a few of my friends were talking about. Scream 4 Trailer.
OHH EMMM GEEE. Really? Yet another installment?

See for yourself!

I remember seeing scream for the fist time. I was terrified with the whole Casey (Drew Barrymore character) scene in the house then seeing her boyfriend die outside in the yard. Of course now, looking back Scream seems harmless compared to movies like Hostel!

On AMC all week, they have been airing Friday the 13th. Of course the gore scenes are so fake and old school I can't help but laugh at how silly and unrealistic they are! These movies have NO PLOT other than HS kids wanting to shack up and then all die from the mysterious Hockey mask killer...haha.

I do find the first Halloween scaryyyyy stuff!!!! Jamie Lee Curtis is after all the original teen scream queen!

That was the first real Rated R scary movie I saw in the theater when I was 16. I was SOO Scared! 

Then In college I saw 2 really scary movies.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

& The Ring

which I had to watch in broad daylight because everyone kept telling me how scary it was!!

I have no plans to Paranormal Activity or Paranormal Activity 2. I don't like watching movies that deal with bedtime and sleep, I have enough trouble staying asleep the whole night as it is! I am a very light sleeper and usually once I get woken up, I'm up!

2 scary movies that I own are The Hills Have Eyes, Touristas,  Wrong Turn, and House of Wax. Of course, not so scary once you've seen em a few times!

Turistas stars Fergie's Husband Josh what a hunk

Wrong Turn has Sloan from Entourage I can't spell her last name first name Emanuelle something!

And of course I have my fave kid movies! I LOVED Hocus Pocus as a kid! I will still watch it to this day if ABC airs it!

And I can't forget C H A R L I E   B R O W N and the great Pumpkin!!! 

Over the last 4 years or so, I have dressed up for Halloween. I think this year will be the first I don't. I just can't afford the expensive costumes to dress up for one night and that be it!

Back in 2006 I was Strawberry Shortcake

Then a Nurse.

Then an Angel.

Then back to Strawberry Last year...

I'd totally upload costumes from my childhood, but I'll save that for another time.

What about you all?

Any super scary movies you love or hate?




  1. loveee your halloween pictures- the costume ones, not the scary movie ones.

    i am so terrified of scary movies, yet morbid curiosity makes me watch them. its horrible.

    and consider yourself lucky you DIDN'T see paranormal activity. boredom and my friends made me watch it and i literally have not slept the same since. and i can't keep my feet out of the covers anymore!

    long comment, but wanted to add the h&m dress is brand new! and super cheap! :)

  2. I love the angel outfit! That's what I was for halloween last year. As for scary movies, my favorite is Amityville Horror, I watch it every year haha.

    As for the flu shot and germs, I am a big germaphobe and I'm always washing my hands and carrying around hand sanitizer and giving it to others when they need it! But growing up with a mom as a nurse you learn all of that stuff and so I just really believe in the flu shot, but just because I get it doesn't mean I neglect the hand washing :)

  3. We watched Scream and The Ring over the weekend and Hocus Pocus was on TV last night! I love those movies, but I can't do the really gory ones.

  4. The first Scream scared me to bits!! Best one, by far!! And I love Hocus Pocus...its my go-to Halloween movie:)

  5. I'm terrified of scary movies so no comment on that.. The Ring though that is scary it's good but scary. eeeh freaking out thinking of her eew.

    Love the Angel costume it's cute on you. I think I'm going to re-wear a costume this year. Playboy Bunny!

  6. I'm not a scary movie fan AT ALL but I can do Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. Not sure why I don't find them scary though...

    I watched Hocus Pocus last night! Love it.

  7. soooo scary- i was completely freaked out after the first scream. that opening scene was so completely terrifying. but yes, it seems that they have all one-upped each other. what's next?

  8. One of the worst scary movies I've seen was last year called, "The Last House on the Left" and it was so horrible and creepy that it really bothered me.

    I love Hocus Pocus too! One of my favorite childhood movies!


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