29 October 2010

Christmas Wish List %

So what could be more fun on a Friday night while my Mister Wonderful is working his lovely night shift in the O.R. at the Hospital, than writing out my Christmas Wish List!?!

Could always use these for my baby Aspen!!! It's always a perfect gift when it benefits the pooch such as dog food, toys, grooming, dog treats etc etc.

This I could always use to by teacher ish clothes and my everyday apparel. Out of the most stores in a mall, Express is always my #1. 


The Tivoli Model 3
I blogged about this before when Mister Wonderful and I stayed at the W hotel in San Diego.  This is a more costly gift. around 200 bucks.


At the top of the wish list is......
Hasselbald Film camera Medium Format. 
These are SUPER expensive considering film cameras are pretty much obsolete! 

I'd love to get some pots and pans for Mister Wonderful so he can keep cooking us great meals!

 We are currently surviving off my 4 pots from COLLEGE. they are pretty nasty in my opinion...
Which brings me to a question....Teflon or non Teflon pans? I hear so many stories like Teflon causes cancer if scratched etc etc that kind of stuff

Maybe a Vinyl decal for my Macbook  

I'm sure this list will grow within the next month or so. Me personally, I like gift cards. I don't like having to return or regift things and that's exactly what I do half the time with my family. (My stepmom has it in her head that gift cards are so impersonal and she totally prohibits us from buying them for each other at X mas) I completely disagree. I hate having to pretend to be excited about gifts they bought us thinking we would like. A gift card would do just fine! That way I can get what I want! Not Rocket Science LOL

Of course I'd like your typical a new book to read, a pedicure, maybe gift cert to the movies...little stuff. 

Well what's on your wish list? 


  1. Gift giving is SO HARD sometimes! I think I found something perfect for someone and then they are less than ecstatic to open it. UGH. So frustrating, gift cards are the way to go. :D

    I think when it comes to Teflon, it just depends on the brand. My Kitchenaid set has minimal scratches and I've had it for about 7 months.

  2. You're making me so excited for Christmas! I think I'll do a wish list post soon too :)

    I think gift cards are great, not impersonal, although lots of people think so. I like to pick out what I want..

  3. Hi -- Because there's so much misinformation out there about Teflon, I'm not surprised that you are concerned. I'm a representative of DuPont though, and hope you'll let me share some information with you and your readers so that everyone can make truly informed decisions.

    Regulatory agencies, consumer groups and health associations all have taken a close look at Teflon. This article highlights what they found -- the bottom line is that you can use Teflon without worry.


    I'd truly be glad to share additional information if you are interested, and appreciate your consideration of this comment. Cheers, Ross.


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