26 October 2010

My Detox %

Well I can officially tell you now that I have two colonics done! Warning, if you cannot handle reading about Poop, shit, feece, then don't read my entry on this!

I guess I should start and explain to you that I can go 4-5 days without having a bowel movement. I have been this way since High School.

I never knew this was 'bad' till a year ago at lunch, a co worker teacher at my school was saying how her mom rushed to the doctor because she had gone a little over 24 hrs without having a bowel movement and was freaking out. I outwardly said, it's bad not to have a bowel movement within 24-72 hours? Lisa looked at me dumbfounded and was like "Uh Yeah that means your colon isn't doing it's job as well as it should." So the school year ends, and in the mean time I tell Mister Wonderful whom I had just started dating at the time, about my "problem". Him being a nurse and all, suggested I take Colace. He says the hospital gives it to patients all the time to get them to have a bowel movement. So that worked for a few times. But then it was back to not going for a few days. UGH.

Fast forward about 6 months later.
(Present Day)

Mister Wonderful and I scheduled together to get a colonic aka a colon cleanse. Mister Wonderful got to go "first" since he has NO problem going #2 at least 2 times a day! He made it look like a breeze. I will do my best not to gross you out, but they stick a tube thing up your bum and let the cleanse begin! When he was done, he went on and on throughout the day about how great he felt.

Did you know that you can remove up to 15 pounds of sludge inside your colon? yeah 15 ibs!!!Craziness I know!

Then it was my turn. I wasn't shy. If I can drop my drawers at the Gyno's office, I should have no problem baring my bum to anyone right?

No, it didn't hurt to have anything put up the second hole. I think people freak about that kind of stuff. It's really not that bad!

My first cleanse on sat didn't go so well. I hadn't pooped in 2 days and was feeling really uncomfortable with gas from the water going up my colon. When I was done, the lady asked me all kinds of questions about what I eat, how often I go etc etc and she immediately recommended for me to go and buy this tea call SMOOTH MOVE. hahah. Well I can personally vouch for it, the tea works!!! I went not only last night, but 2 times today, had my cleanse at 4 and went some more right after that!

These are my new "herbs" that she wants me to take to help me "go". So here I am, beginning to feel like Mister Wonderful and all the stuff he puts in his body!

Here's a picture of his side of the kitchen cabinet, and mine. His is on the right, and mine is on the left.
My side

I had a wake up call with all of this folks. Remember Farrah Fawcett and how she died of Anal Cancer? It has everything to do with her COLON!!!!! Farrah was a die hard DIET soda drinker. This is a huge no no. HUGE. Since speaking with my colon doc lady, I can say I have personally vouched to give up soda FOREVER. No more.

Don't believe me? Read this. It will make you think twice the next time you ever order one to drink rather than a water or an Ice Tea.

I could go on and on about my "experience" but I know most bloggers don't like a lot of reading, so I'll just say that if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask!




  1. Aweh! I love Diet Coke! good thing I don't buy it and have it once a month at most! :)
    I am glad you are solving your problems as well!

    I love that the tea is called "smooth move"
    You're reading "Chasing Harry Winston"?! Do you like it? I've been wanting to read that or The Devil Wears Prada for awhile...but Leo Tolstoy is first! ha


  2. Okay this whole post freaked me out!! I drink diet coke religiously and now I feel like in going to get cancer and die! Ahhh! I have to learn more about this!

  3. i've heard fab things about colonics! i think it's a great idea. and i feel super super lucky that i don't like soft drinks at all. they are bad evil poison. but i've totally had smooth move tea before!

  4. Okay this makes me feel a whole lot better about the fact that I drink water over soda, but scary! I have been told I don't poop enough...maybe I should try something like this!

  5. hmmm interesting... I have wanted to try the detox thing but I have heard mixed reviews as to whether or not it really helps. I'm glad I'm not hooked on diet pop, that stuff is terrible but I didn't think about that with colon cancer, scary! So many people drink that crap EVERYDAY. I went vegan about 2 years ago and since then I haven't had any issues, but I think tons of fiber from beans, fruits and veggies has to help :)


  6. I really need to give this article to hubs. He drinks at least one or two diet Dr Peppers DAILY. I've cut back to MAYBE one a week. I keep my Nalgene bottle full all day long at my desk and constantly sip on it. I'm guessing that I probably drink 80+ ounces/day?

    Glad you posted this, wonderful info about colon cleanse and H20 consumption.

  7. HOLY SHIT like literally. That's crazy (the part about coke) and about you not pooing for a few days! That's awesome about the colon cleanse it sounds like fun (am I weird?) I'd almost want to go try it. Too bad you don't go down in weight by 15 lbs.

  8. This is a good wake up call for me... thanks for posting it. I drink Coke every day... I know its bad but I feel hooked. I need to change my ways... I am definetly going to try that tea too... thanks so much for the post

  9. Are these covered by insurance?! And what kind of tea is it that you said works? I too have this problem!

  10. @ J Poots- no, they aren't covered by insurance. You aren't going to a Hospital for it. It costs around 85 dollars. Which I thought was cheap,or at least affordable and totally worth it.

  11. Oh my gosh, yuck! I havent' drank soda in years... and this reminds me why!!

  12. um i also dont necessarily go EVERY day. should i worry?

  13. Ok I am totally curious about this. I've thought about having a colonic before, but have been skeptical. And I have been so unsure about the cost and if it was something that needed to be done through insurance. Maybe I need to look in to this...


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