28 February 2011

Things That Make You Go Mmmmm Ahhhh or Awwwww

Sorry y'all. No Oscar update or post here today! I didn't even watch it!! Besides, everybody and their mother are more than likely going to post about it for me to catch up on today, so that takes care of that!


Love this!

Loving this too! 


mmmmmmmm bling bling!




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27 February 2011

Day 11 Photo Challenge

Day 11 Photo Challenge...

(Yes I skipped Day 10 &  because that question was  unappealing to me!)

Day 11

Something you HATE.

Ha. This is easy. I took these pictures on Friday.

I hate these family stickers because  (A) they look tacky just like bumper stickers do. and (B) Did anyone catch the CNN special on how Predators/Child Molesters etc use these to their advantage to harming you, your kids and your animals at your house?

I know many of you saw the Oprah special where those 2 teens followed a mom and daughter home from the mall and killed them and the dad was the only one that made it alive. But anyway...

In case your common sense is malfunctioning in your brain, these are bad because you are TELLING THE WHOLE WORLD How many kids you have, what each of their names are, basically how old they are by the size of the little body on the window, and what animals you have at your house.

THESE ARE a strangers dream. Esp the kind that go to random public places Ie the MALL, parks, etc etc and WATCH YOU. If they were to break in, they know all your kids names, and can even call off your family dog from biting them because YOU TOLD THEM the damn dogs name from a stupid sticker!!! Does that sound smart? No. I've heard people say they like them for a personal touch. Then wear a charm around your neck for each kid. Don't display it on your car for random creepos to know things they shouldn't know about you! Sadly we don't live in a world with all good people, that's why we have locks on doors, that's why we tell kids don't talk to strangers. Well, don't give strangers the TOOLS TO TALK TO YOUR KIDS!!!!!

End rant.


26 February 2011

Canon VS Nikon

Which DSLR Would You Buy?

Many bloggers have asked me which camera I'd buy or leans towards. I own both a Canon and an Nikon camera currently. My Canon is from the 1970s Film camera...my Nikon is a normal point and shoot hand held digital camera. I love both. Film and Digital. Sadly, however, we live in a time where my beloved Film has become a Dead thing, and thus, EVERYTHING is digital so it's been time for me to convert. I have ASKED every BLOGGER and their mother (many of you will vouch) which type of DSLR cameras you/they own/did own use don't use...etc etc...I have asked why you think they are such a great camera.

This has been going on since I started blogging.  Since I majored in photo in school, and SEVERAL of my friends have their own Photography Business I have had a lot of time and insight to figure out which I want.

 Please note...

If you're buying your first Digital SLR.

Canon and Nikon are the best. Sony, Pentax and all those currently can't come close. Yes, they have cheaper versions of their DSLRs and some people shootprofessionally with them (saw a Sony once, never Pentax pro..) but in my opinion, you should stick to the best because they are the best and everyone else knows so.

But here's the toughest decision. Which of the top 2 is on the top?


Nikon isn't better than Canon and vice versa. If one would be, they'd be off the scene and you wouldn't see their products in hands of professional photographers. 

there is a whole website that I have read over and bookmarked that I will share should you contemplate between which model of a a canon/nikon to get. 

Read it here. 


25 February 2011

Current Wish List!

First and foremost.....I have been saving for this since October!!

Thankfully the price has come down  A LOT (As all digital things do within a few months)


This is still out of reach till I completely pay off my debt that I racked up over X mas......Gahhhhhh
What a pain. Thank you teacher salary for TAKING ME FOR EV ER to pay anything off. 

{2}  3-Piece Nonslip Mixing Bowl Set


Desperately need a tall bowl to beat eggs in the AM!!! :) These are from Crate and Barrel 

This print I have wanted for a long time to hang above our fireplace or a hallway or something...

it's via Etsy of course. see it here


It's Friday!

Thought I'd share 1st Grade's beautiful Heart Mosaics. There were my top artists, theirs got hung right in the office! :)

Have a good weekend everybody!


24 February 2011

I wanna see this!!!!!! Teachers Unite!

Okay fellow teachers please watch this movie trailer and tell me is this NOT A MUST SEE FOR THE SUMMER!!!!!! Hells yes!!!!! Can't freakin wait. I heart Cameron Diaz....I wonder how it was to act via her FORMER FLAME!?! hmmmmmmmm drama!!

And instead of hitting the gym with mister wonderful......I did this.......

bahhaha....yeah. Lazy ass= Me!

I'm also waiting for this to come...

Ordered this scarf the other day from the Limited had a great Presidents Day deal so it was pretty much a given I was to get it! !

Photo Challenge Day 9= SNOOZE FEST!

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

Really? who wrote this question? B O R I N G ! ! ! ! ! !

No one wants to read this!!!

Therefore, I'm not answering it! 

I've decided for all the Lame-O Questions, I will come up with my own! !

I think Question Nine should be What is your secret Obsession? 

I thought long and hard about this. Could answer this anyway possible right? Food, Money, habits...etc etc... 

Nope none of the above for me. I'd say I have a secret obsession with This man

Elvis has a voice like no other male singer. Truly one of a kind. His Daughter looks so eerily like him it takes your breath away. When she sings, same thing! sounds like him! 

I think my fascination all came about because I was born in Memphis, TN where Elvis Resided. I have been to Graceland twice. Entering his house is like being taken into a secret room in the white house...I can't even describe the feeling.The Graceland Mansion is the biggest attraction in Memphis and the most-visited house in the United States besides the White House. You just feel so honored to see into someone's world...Everything is SOOO preserved the exact way Elvis lived. I LOVE THAT! 

I've even said that one day I'd totally name my daughter Presley! I love that for a name! :) 

Okay now that you all find me super strange for loving Elvis hahah 

And just in case you didn't know...here's a little fun trivia for you about the FIRST KING of Rock and Roll!

Did you know...

That Elvis NEVER wore jeans as an adult? This was simply due to that's all he wore as a child!

Elvis paid 100,000 dollars for Graceland in 1957.

Elvis and Priscilla married May1, 1967 and their daughter Lisa Marie was born nine months to the day later on Feb 1st, 1968

The upper floor is not open to visitors out of respect for the Presley family and partially to avoid any improper focus on the bathroom which was the site of his death. The upper floor, which also contains Elvis' bedroom, has been untouched since the day Elvis died.


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