25 February 2011

Current Wish List!

First and foremost.....I have been saving for this since October!!

Thankfully the price has come down  A LOT (As all digital things do within a few months)


This is still out of reach till I completely pay off my debt that I racked up over X mas......Gahhhhhh
What a pain. Thank you teacher salary for TAKING ME FOR EV ER to pay anything off. 

{2}  3-Piece Nonslip Mixing Bowl Set


Desperately need a tall bowl to beat eggs in the AM!!! :) These are from Crate and Barrel 

This print I have wanted for a long time to hang above our fireplace or a hallway or something...

it's via Etsy of course. see it here



  1. I've been saving for a nice new camera too, not quite there yet either though! Love the new look of your page :)

  2. LOVE that pic! It'd be super cute above a fireplace.. :) Also, love your new look. It looks great girl!

  3. I love the smile print :) So cute!

  4. This is funny because I was just dreaming about my Canon Rebel that I am pinching pennies for too!!!

  5. just came across your blog! it's seriously so great! i would so wish for that camera too :) you are gorgeous!

  6. I have that camera and its my love :) Happy weekend girl!

  7. I think you could totally make that print and frame it yourself! You're super creative. ;)

    I have those non-slip bowls but mine are from Kitchenaid and I think I got them from TJ Maxx? Maybe? LOL

    Hope you get your camera soon, I would love to upgrade mine too!


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