09 February 2011

Pop Art Self Portraits in the Style of Andy Warhol

I haven't posted much of my Fifth and Sixth graders art work. To be quite honest, they are AWFUL compared to my kiddos last year. Guess that is what I get for switching school districts!

The school district that I work for now has pretty low income families. I think their home background life is greatly effecting their behaviors even at school with teachers they are suppose to respect at all times! ha. That doesn't happen.

My fifth grade has a lot of girls with attitudes. BIG TIME. They drive me batty. They are super lazy and I feel like their quality of work is comparable to 2nd graders!

My Three Sections of sixth grade are just downright mean, uncaring, selfish, and just as lazy as my 5th. Only difference is, if they like something we are doing, then I actually do see the effort being put into the project.

Sixth is currently painting themselves in self portraits. They learned all about Andy Warhol The Prince of Pop. My students of course go LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON? Uh no guys. He was the king of Pop MUSIC!! Andy was the prince of POP as in Popular ART! haha hence POP ART!



  1. How funny!! The ones pictured look pretty good! I love the Andy Warhol exhibit at the San Francisco Modern Museum of Art!

  2. i always valued my education. I know it wasn't the best but I did the best with what I was given and graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA. Students these days don't give a crap about what they are learning.

  3. What a great application to things they like, using Michael Jackson as a comparison. I might actually use that one because then you could be like "Andy Warhol was the prince of pop art like Michael jackson was for pop music." Even showing the Michael Jackson paintings Warhol did would be great.

    I'm currently teaching at a low income, urban school and the kids can be challenging, but I love them so much! I have a first grade class that has been testing me lately, but I still feel happy when I leave school at the end of the day.

  4. The ones you pictured did a great job! Better than I would do. Haha! Art was never my thing though.

    My best friend teaches in a low income area and I hate to hear talk about the challenges they go through. Sometimes these kids are bad because they crave attention that they don't get at home. It's so sad and breaks my heart to hear their stories.

    I know that your kids have a wonderful and caring art teacher to support them though!! :D

  5. the kids are so good! What a fun memento to have too:)

  6. I saw this on someone's blog, and immediately thought of you!



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