14 April 2014

Last Post

If you follow me on instagram, I made the annoucement that I have officially decided to shut down the blog. ( At least for now!) 
 Well, upon making that decision, I had people emailing me left and right saying they couldn't find "pins" from pinterest from my blog etc etc since I had "deleted" the blog! I know how frustrating that can be esp if you are a teacher trying to find directions or info on a potential art lesson and then wham! The picture is a dead end. So rather than cause frustrated teachers who apparently still view my blog every now and again for art ideas, I "undeleted" it, but am letting most of you fellow bloggers know I won't really be updating it anymore. 

What was once fun 4 years ago (blogging) isn't really all that fun anymore and has really died down compared to other social media outlets that are all the rage these days. 

So, for all you fellow art teachers that do follow me, I will still continue to upload all my art photos to my flickr account so you can find them there. As for all you bloggers/twitter peeps, you can still find me on instagram. 

The beauty of instagram is that it's short and sweet and to the point. Picture plus caption. That's really a shortened form of blogging these days anyway. 

10 April 2014

Let It Go

If you have kids, you are probably "Frozened" out! Or, if you are an educator like me, you can also recite the words from the replay button in your classroom due to the overplaying of the soundtrack during art lessons! 

I found this a month ago and forgot to share, but this man has some serious talent! 

Makes you feel like if they ever wanted a sequel and an actor couldn't make it to fill in their voice they could totally hire this guy! 

The guy? Brian Hull is actually just 22 years old and is a vocal performance student! I'd say he has a bright future as an impersonator! 

09 April 2014

American Blogger

I haven't been on facebook a ton lately, (can you blame me!?! Everyone is pregnant or knocked up or on kid 2,3, or 4!)  but I did log in and see a friend post the trailer to Chris Weigand's American Blogger documentary.

As I scrolled down to read the over abundant comments, I couldn't help but shake my head in disgrace. TONS of women were BASHING the women that were "chosen" to be in the documentary. Basically saying all the women weren't "real" women or "barbies" and real women bloggers don't look like that.
See for youself 
Exhibit A (Haters)

Are you serious? I couldn't believe it. All I gathered from it was your typical HS drama of girls being jealous of other girls. Girls being jealous that they weren't "picked" to be interviewed. Girls being angry at other women of having overly clean and neat houses. One comment I read of someone being pissed that they chose all RICH people. Are you kidding me?! Ladies! Retract those claws! You are an embarrassment to blogging if that's the kind of attitude you have!

Here's the trailer below. I personally am quite excited to watch it in June, and think Casey and her husband are good people. When are we going to learn to not be so judgemental of each other? Oh wait, that's right, never. Merica' people. Gotta love it. (sarcasm)

Watch it. Thoughts? 

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