31 May 2012

End of the Year Art

Today is officially the last day of school. I just have to head to school, complete our end of the year room check out and then I get to come back home and relax!

Here's a few snapshots of some of the very last projects I had going on in my art room. 

 5th ended their year with a painting assignment of a concentric circle which they made into an optical illusion on the eye once I cut their projects up into 4 squares! :) 

 6th grade had to do their self portrait in andy warhol style of pop art. Hence the crazy skin colors and such. Think the famous Marilyn Monroe prints. 

 2nd graders did a simple one day lesson of directional draw a castle with me on the board, then they had to outline with paint rather than a sharpie. What a great exercise this was for them! 

My baby kinders have grown so much! Their drawing abilities have increased drastically and I am eager to teach them as 1st graders in a few months! 


29 May 2012

Mascara what do y'all use?

I've been using LashGasm for the last year, but was looking to spruce up my mascara especially since my wedding is right around the corner! 

I tweeted asking what everyone else is fond of (probably not wise to tweet on a holiday when all the twitter world is hung over or still out and about) 

So I'm asking on here!

I've read a few bloggers talk about this stuff:

 Benefit (sold at Sephora) 
The reviews were all over the place with this, a few complaints that it clumps but quite a few ppl not liking that they couldn't get it off so easily even with make up remover?

How many have tried this or use it? 

Maybelline of course is much easier on the wallet, I read 1 blogger uses and loves this.

And I've heard a few ppl rave about Dior's mascara but there were more than one listed on the site, so I wasn't sure which one was the one that everyone always talks about...

Do dish ladies! I'd love some insight! 


28 May 2012

Waves vs curls

Many have inquired about my hair and how I curl it.

I've been meaning to do a post on it, but haven't had time in oh say the last 2 months of craziness with school and such! 

I swear I own every curling, crimping, wave tool there is! 

I recently tried out this new clamp-less curling iron by Hot Tools since everyone "LOVES" hot tools. 
The Green one (one on the left) is the first clip less curling iron I bought months ago. The white one is the one I got a week ago. 

Can you tell in these pictures which was curling with a REGULAR curling iron, and which was curled with a clip less iron?




Give up?

Okay. Photo A was curled with my normal curling iron 
Photo B was curling with the Clip less green curling iron 
and Photo C was curled with a regular curling iron

Clip less curling irons are not all that difficult to use, but I found that the hot tools iron, was difficult to use since the barrel is inconsistent with width. It starts out larger at the base and thins out towards the tip. The little stand that holds the iron up off the counter is super annoying and totally gets in the way of wrapping your hair around the barrel. 

I will be returning the Hot Tools Iron to Ulta and sticking with my first clip less curling iron 

Here's the brand in case anyone was wondering.

I will say I have fallen into the trap of seeing cute hair on somebody else and then running out to find that exact tool they may or may have not used on their hair. 

Biggest lesson learned in being a hair freak is that everyone's hair is DIFFERENT. So what may look good on you may not look good on others depending on their hair type and such. 


25 May 2012

Go Hawaiian! My Bridal Shower!

If you follow me on instagram, then you probably saw this! 

On Wednesday, my two male colleagues (Our PE & Music teacher) threw me my bridal shower (with the help from our female kindergarten team!)

Mister wonderful and I get to spend some money at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target! Who doesn't love those stores!?!


23 May 2012

Book Review!

I picked this book up at the library for a fun read. I love dogs. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM which most of you blog followers know since y'all follow me! 

Giant George, in case you live under a rock, is the world's largest living great dane and his home happens to be right here in AZ! (Tucson, AZ to be exact)He even has his own Facebook page! I of course wrote on his wall today letting his "owner" know how much I enjoyed his book! 

I learned a ton about the Great Dane Breed. It takes very special people to be great dane owners. You have to have time, money, and well a place for such a big dog to live comfortably. If you love dogs as much as I do, then this is a good read for you! 


22 May 2012

Purse Debate

I'm so torn! I am in DIRE need of a new handbag, and I LOVE this purse, but am having a hard time picking which color?

I guess in my mind, I see Gray as the more practical option---goes with all outfits?

Teal, (Mint) which ever you prefer, is such a hot color right now. I have 3 dresses that are all mint, I am worried once summer passes, that I can't carry the teal around as much? 

Which should I get? 


21 May 2012

Bridal Shower Fun

My good friend Kari is getting married oh so soon! (June 16th) and we celebrated her bridal shower with a few AZ peeps. 

Bridal games 

 My wedding gift to her :) 

I got to rock my early birthday present my new ASOS mint dress! :) It was a hit! :) 

Up next for me: 
My bridal shower (thrown by my 2 male colleagues at work it should be interesting haha)

and a few more days of school till this year is finally over! 
(we end on the 30th)


20 May 2012

Sunday Scripture

Can I get an AMEN?

Happy Sunday friends!


17 May 2012

To the Husband to be...wedding gift?

I'm new at this y'all. 

Married peeps, please put your 2 cents in and help a gal out!

I have NO IDEA what to get Mister Wonderful as a wedding gift. 
From what I have read on other blogs, it seems that the wedding gift to each other are usually pretty "big" gifts.
Big can mean expensive, big can mean not your typical, "oh here honey-- I bought you some shaving cream and razors while I was at the store type gift!"

Mister Wonderful has a few watches already so that's out.

We already have a dog 

(thanks though for the input idea Mrs. Monologues lol he'd flip if I brought up wanting another one!)



16 May 2012

Book Review!

Sister of Silence

An amazing true-crime story that unfolds faster than you can keep up, and leaves you longing for more, when you turn the final page. Raped at thirteen, she was forced into a shotgun wedding after her high school was featured on national television for having the highest number of pregnant teens in the U.S. But then Daleen Berry found herself married to a coal miner who kept her barefoot and pregnant. By age twenty-one she had four children. Sister of Silence is the amazing story of her personal journey: how she went from being a teen mom to an award-winning journalist determined to break the silence that shatters women and children's lives.

I chose this book because it seemed somewhat along the lines of the other book I loved so much By Chevy Steven's "Still Missing." 

A good read, but working on finding something to trump my love for the Fifty Shades trilogy! 

If you follow me on instagram, you probably read about my gripe with buying this book! I was out reading at the pool and the pages started to fall out of the book!!! 

Now mind you, I live in AZ, and on Sat it was 93.
Today's temp is 105.

So a word of advice: never read a book in that hot of a temp! It WILL loosen the book glue! 


15 May 2012

Bachelorette Team Emily!

I Know blogger is going to be FULL of Bachelorette posts, but anyone that has followed me over the last 2 years know I am an AVID fan of the show (know matter how ridiculous it can get)

I honestly think this season is going to be much different than we have seen. Mainly because Emily did a lot of calling the shots!

They are filming in NC, her home state, JUST FOR HER!! Kids are on the show A LOT (at her request) and I know they had to go and do VIGOROUS background checks and such just for these men to be around the kids. 

I found these descriptions online about the men, and couldn't agree more! 

  • Kalon seems like a giant d-bag and he looks quite a bit like Cillian Murphy. He claims he's grown up now and not a loud, obnoxious womanizer anymore. We'll see about that.
  • Hey, look - an African-American man! And just when you think "The Bachelor" shows are racist ...
  • David is a singer/songwriter and his intro clip features him singing a song that seems to consist entirely of the world "Emily," so clearly he is a very successful singer/songwriter.
  • Jef is actually like 16. Seriously, he's Marty McFly but not as cute. But he's also the CEO of a bottled water company that donates to charity to build wells for clean drinking water all over the world. Well, OK. That's awesome. But he still just started shaving like yesterday.
  • There's an Indy car driver in the mix, but that really isn't that controversial. Ricky Hendricks didn't die at the racetrack. He also was a NASCAR driver and Arie is Indy car and (showing off my down-home-ness here) those two things are as different in the racing world as football and soccer are for ball-based sports. So it's really not that big of a deal.

The Bachelorette Manse

The men start arriving and some stand-outs (both in good and bad ways) include:

  • Doug is the second single father. He has an 11-year-old named Austin, while Tony has a 5-year-old named Taylor.
  • Jackson's opening line is, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away. This is one of those moments" and it really makes me want to heave. I would probably tell that guy to try again.
  • Jef with on F reiterates my Marty McFly comparison by riding up on his skateboard while holding on to the back of the limo. *sigh* You are no Michael J. Fox, my friend.
  • Stevie (seriously, a grown man should not go by "Stevie" anymore) brings a boom box and dances, which would be cool if he weren't so frightening looking. Sorry, but that's just my truth.
  • Randy comes dressed as an old lady and then rips off the outfit. Um, what is that even supposed to do? You are supposed to be sexy and charming, not creepy and weird. I guess I'm thankful for small favors that he didn't pull a "better to eat with you" line.
  • Just based on first impressions when the pictures of the bachelors were released, Natewas my early favorite. So I'm glad to hear Emily exclaim over how cute he is.
  • Travis arrives holding an ostrich egg, which he says symbolizes how he'll take care of her and Ricki. So, it's like the guard-and-protect-your-heart tattoo only maybe weirder (but at least less permanent).
  • There are two hair issues - Michael with the long hair can't stop tucking it behind his ears. Get a haircut, hippie. And Ryan's hair is like an out-of-control Bieber-esque 'do, even if he does bring a cute note.
  • Kalon arrives by helicopter and while I feel there will be many reasons to feel he's a d-bag, this is not one of them. I don't really see how this is any different than Lindzi arriving by horse. It's an expensive prop that you have at your disposal to use to make yourself stand out and that does not inherently bother me. It's not like he swooped in and took Emily for a ride. That would've been a tool move. But the arrival itself is not offensive to me.

My picks or top 3 for her:

Doug (the guy who won the first impression rose)
Although I think he plays up the single dad thing a lot, I'm not convinced Emily will end with him.

The balcony guy who almost died. Great guy. Genuine. He's gotta be one that lasts! 

Ryan. I think she thinks he's super cute. 


13 May 2012

Real Celeb Heartbreak

Jennie Garth. She’s one of the very, very few celebrities I admire because of her integrity.
My heart goes out to her. 

Last night I watched her new show called "A little bit Country." And for the first time on the show, she really opened up about Peter, her husband for over 11 years, and the heartbreak he has caused. 

Watching the video, you call just see how much this has torn Jennie apart. For one thing, she hacked off her hair, you can see she's gained some weight, and she drinks a bit to cope with the pain. 

ALL REAL EMOTIONS that REAL people go through and deal with every day. It was so raw watching her spill her guts about how much she STILL loves him even though he was the one that wanted to end the marriage. 

They were both quoted saying this only a few short years ago:

Making the most of life's unexpected twists has been a hallmark of the couple's relationship. They fell in love on the set of the TV movie "An Unfinished Affair," and Garth discovered she was pregnant just nine months later.

 "We had a baby very quickly," says Garth. "It was a crazy time and it would've been easy to throw in the towel, but Peter taught me that you have to stick it out." They were married in 2001. "We've been in a relationship for more than 11 years now. It's like winning an Oscar, it's huge. We dont' take it for granted." says Facinelli: "marriage requires work. It's when you push through those tough times that your relationship goes to the next level and you fall even deeper in love." 

So what the frick happened right?

Some say it had everything to do with TWILIGHT and Peters instant fame through the saga. 

Some say Jennie grew jealous over this fame, since she hadn't been in a successful TV show since "What I like about you". Her fame and glory days were clearly behind her, his were just taking off. 

Just from reading and seeing what I saw on the video. I honestly DONT think Jennie is jealous of her husband's fame. She was so upset choking out how much she still loved him and was struggling with the concept of why wasn't she "enough" for him.

Heartbreaking right?

I do think his latest bit of fame from Twilight had a ton to do with why he chose to leave.

I applaud both of them though. They even went through some very vigorous counseling for over a year to try and save their marriage. 

This is one hollywood marriage that was kept pretty private for so long, and sadly just didn't work out.

Any of you watch the show, see Jennie in this last episode? 

What y'all think?


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