23 May 2012

Book Review!

I picked this book up at the library for a fun read. I love dogs. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM which most of you blog followers know since y'all follow me! 

Giant George, in case you live under a rock, is the world's largest living great dane and his home happens to be right here in AZ! (Tucson, AZ to be exact)He even has his own Facebook page! I of course wrote on his wall today letting his "owner" know how much I enjoyed his book! 

I learned a ton about the Great Dane Breed. It takes very special people to be great dane owners. You have to have time, money, and well a place for such a big dog to live comfortably. If you love dogs as much as I do, then this is a good read for you! 



  1. I saw this book at Target and wanted to read it... I'm a HUGE dog lover!

  2. I nanny here in MN and the people I nanny for have a Great Dane named Izzy! She is so so sweet and gentle! Not what you would expect from such a large dog.

  3. Aw! Very cute! :) And I like happy dog stories. I couldn't read that one written from the dog's perspective b/c the first chapter had me bawling like a baby...

    Oh and I can't gmail at work, but saw your email! glad you got the grey! I think it will be very versatile and the style is fabulous! I love the teal one, but I also already have a grey bag.. and I carry it all the time. So, I probably was being a little bias in wanting you to get the teal so I could live vicariously. haha.. ;)

  4. My sister has a great dane and he's the sweetest! I need to tell her about this book :D


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