29 February 2012

Movie Review for 2

Mister Wonderful & I went to a fancy movie theater called IPIC here in AZ (X mas gift gift card) this theater had reclining chairs! It was awesome!

I cannot say enough good things about this movie, Safe House. SO damn good. My hands were sweating throughout the ENTIRE movie if that tells you anything! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole thing. I highly recommend seeing this! 


I don't recommend seeing "DRIVE" 
starring Ryan Gosling.

over the top ridiculous gore and violence. 
It was slow which didn't help. 

Thumbs down!


28 February 2012

Art work as of the last few weeks...

2nd Grade practiced their "tearing" paper skills. You should of seen their eyes when I said they had to draw circles then tear them out, not cut! haha It was cute. 

Warm/Cold Hearts
Kinders had fun learning about warm and cold colors. 
Oil Pastels
Tempera Cakes paint 

5th Grade
Keith Haring "Action" figures. 
Some of my kiddos asked if they could "title" their art
I was dumbfounded as to why I didn't think of that in the first place! 

My After School Art group just finished up making Japanese Lanterns
I found this lesson via another art teacher blog, and although she did email me back on directions, I had no idea what the measurements or what the exact folds were suppose to be on folding the lanterns. Thus, some of them are a wee bit lopsided but the kids were still digging them regardless.


1st grade read all about Elmer the Elephant. More to come on this lesson, since it's still a work in progress! 

2nd grade
Long Neck Giraffes
I've had this lesson "saved" for 2 years now and finally decided to teach it! 
My students LOVED learning all about Giraffes. They were all baffled that Giraffes have 18 inch tongues, can run 35 mph, and babies learn to walk within ONE hour of being born! :) More to come on these too, as these are also a work in progress.

Lastly, my 6th graders are STILL working on their Tornado lines. They have been working on this since the last week in Dec!! EEEK! While they don't like that it's been taking this long, I secretly love it. :) 
This student's project is probably one of the BEST out of my 6th grade bunch. I told him that if he finishes it like he started it, than it will for sure make it to the ASU art show. He was jumping up and down when I told him that. 


27 February 2012

Did you know...Ferris Bueller Edition

Who doesn't love Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

This was a favorite to watch in my house, especially since I grew up in the burbs of Chicago just like Ferris did in the film. 

Did you know...

 That Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey (who played Ferris' sister Jeanie in the film) not-so-secretly began dating during production? The two thought no one knew, though everyone figured it out by the time they shot their first scene together outside Ferris' house at the very end of the film. Grey was so giddy during that scene, unable to make any sort of eye contact with Broderick, that she literally dug her nails into her ass until it started bleeding in order to keep a straight face. The two would continue to date after the film came out and were briefly engaged, but eventually parted ways.

1. John Hughes pitched the film on a Thursday, finished the script that Monday, and it was greenlit on Tuesday. Part of the rushed process had to do with an impending writer's strike, and Hughes quickly finished the script so he'd have something to work on as part of his new deal with Paramount.
2. Other actors who auditioned for Ferris Bueller prior to Matthew Broderick (who was unavailable when they first went out to actors) signing on included: Jon Cryer, James Spader, Nicolas Cage, Kiefer Sutherland, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and the guy who was Broderick's runner-up, John Cusack.
3. Alan Ruck (Cameron) couldn't get an audition - they thought he was too old, though he had a past with Hughes because he had also auditioned for Bender in The Breakfast Club. While they looked at other actors for Cameron, including Eric Stoltz and Emilio Estevez, it was Broderick who convinced them to give Ruck a shot. The two had already become buddies while performing alongside one another in Biloxi Blues on Broadway.
4. Hughes wanted an unknown, unproven actress for Sloane. After looking at actresses like Meg Ryan and Kyra Sedgwick, they finally settled on Mia Sara, who, funnily enough, was the only actual teenager among the main cast. Both Broderick and Ruck were in their mid-20s at the time of production.
5. Ever wonder where they got the money to spend during their day off? Well, in a scene that was cut, Ferris convinces his dad to tell him where he's hiding savings bonds that he eventually finds and cashes in to pay for his day off.
6. The final line of the movie -- "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" --  was actually improvised during rehearsals, and not in the original script. The original line was: "Yeah, life is a carousel. A great big crazy ball of pure living, breathing joy and delight."
7. Ben Stein improvised his entire school lecture. In fact, Stein was supposed to be off screen the entire time, but when student extras began cracking up at his voice, Hughes decided to put him in front of the camera.

8. Cameron's Principal Rooney voice was an imitation of Matthew Broderick's imitation of Gene Saks, the guy who directed the duo in Biloxi Blues on Broadway. Ruck surprised Broderick with the imitation while filming in order to get a rise out of him during the scene, which he did.
9. A lot of the parade scene was shot during a real event  in Chicago -- a German-American appreciation parade -- and they inserted their float, featuring Broderick, into the middle of it. No one knew it was part of a movie, including the Governor of Illinois, who was walking in said parade. In order to finish the scene, they later planned their own parade, and were shocked when 10,000 people showed up. Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) choreographed the scene, but Broderick had to change a lot of his choreography because he blew out his knee filming the climactic scene in which he runs home. The actor could barely stand up on that float.

10. They also filmed a bunch of other scenes around Chicago that were eventually cut. Two of which involved the trio riding on a cruise ship touring the city, with another taking place at a strip club. And during that strip club scene, Ferris Bueller does an Elvis impression at one point on stage.
11. Charlie Sheen's character had an entire running storyline throughout the film that included his parents, who were supposed to be the people Ferris' mom was trying to sell a house to (aka "the Vermont people").
12. The first cut of the film was two hours and 45 minutes
13. Ferris had two other siblings who were cut out -- a younger brother and sister.
14. Ferris smoked and drank in the original script. His character was much darker and angrier, and was a bit closer in tone to Bender from The Breakfast Club. Hughes decided to change a lot of the tone of the film in the editing room, creating the fun-loving Ferris Bueller we all know and love today.
15. The scene where Principal Rooney is on the school bus was originally supposed to be intercut with Ferris running home, but they changed it and, instead, dropped the scene next to the final credit roll so that audiences would stay to see Ferris' post-credits scene.

Oh! I forgot to mention that the house they used for Ferris' house is NOT in Chicago, but rather in California! 

*All info shared gathered from here and there via Google!


26 February 2012

Hotties of the Academy Awards

So I was at the gym for the first hour of the Academy Awards, but I quickly got caught up with the hollywood hotties in their amazing outfits!

Here's my 

 How cute is Michelle!?! Definitely looks great this year!

Probably my fave dress of the night. Cameron is just such a knock out when she dresses up! 

 Natalie looks terrific! I think her dress pick is perfect!

 I've always loved Brad Pitt and (once a team Jenn) never been a fan of Angie, but I will give it to her, she looks really good in this dress!

 Girl crush--how adorable is Stacy Kiebler?!

Gwen. She's timeless. No other words. 


Just for smiles


25 February 2012

Saturday Funnies

How can you NOT smile when you see this picture!?

Enjoy the weekend lovelies! 


24 February 2012

Update with the Wedding Weight!

I thought I'd let y'all know how I was doing with my wedding weight loss! :) 

Start Weight was: 131

Current Weight: 
This was my weight when I first met and moved in with my Fiance' almost 2 years ago.
And now I weigh myself this morning and this is what the scale said! At least I'm back to where I started!

Ignore my toes please! LOL

My toe nails grow so fast! seriously 2 weeks and I need a new pedi STAT!

Goal weight: 

I've got a little more to go and then maintain 

How have I shed the pounds thus far?

I'd like to introduce you to my little friend

It's a free app I've been using on my Iphone. 

basically I "scan" the barcodes of everything I eat 

No bar code, then I manually enter in the calories.

I've been able to lose what I have just by consuming less calories.

Portion control has been HUGE.

I've given up eating buns with burgers for 2 years now. I don't miss them one bit!

How it works

You enter in your age, your weight, how many lbs you want to lose, and it will tell you how many calories you can consume in one day.

This app has been a life saver. 

Anyone else use this app?


23 February 2012

Just Because...

I haven't bought myself anything in quite a while. It's been really hard with the fiance' and I both urging each other to save our pennies for our wedding!

But, I need to stay sane so I decided to treat myself to a few things I had been eyeing.

I contacted the owner of this etsy shop to see if she could make these 2 necklaces as "One" and which she did!

I wore it out last night to our dinner date and our waitress complimented me that she had never seen "sideways" crosses LOL


I caved and bought my first pair of Tory Burch Reva Ballet flats.


Did NOT love the 195 dollar price tag.

THANK YOU Ebay for helping me save some money on these bad boys.

Bought from a seller that was selling them for around 150 bucks. They were the store display pair (NOT A MARK ON THEM WHEW!)
 Reality is, I knew that if I wanted "real" ones and not knock offs I would have to fork over a little more.

And remember my fiasco with my 55 buck cell phone case--how after one time of dropping it, the ONE place that wasn't covered, it slightly dinged the edge?

I finally got a case that goes ALL the way around the dang phone.

I've had some co workers ask me about the quote. It's probably one of my favorite parts of Robert's poem that really hits home with me, my life, and what I have gone through. 

This also came from an Etsy seller

I also found a dress to wear on our honeymoon in Hawaii this August. I have been trying really hard to expand my dress wardrobe..I seriously owned TWO at the beginning of the year. 

Finding dresses that are long enough are a BEAST. I'm 5'8" and a lot of time cutesy dresses are WAY to short someone my height. 

And I have to update this post and say as soon as work is over today I am returning this dress
If you look at the pictures, it just doesn't quite fit right. I have a very long torso. (I'm 5'8") and if you look at the waist part see how high up it falls on me? Not at my natural waist. So thus, I've decided since I'm not 100% cray cray about it, it must go back! 

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