09 February 2012


Our Wedding Announcements came! I mailed all 20 of them out in today's mail.
In case you are wondering what the "fine print" says
It just basically says the where and when 
and that it will be a PRIVATE ceremony

and that we look forward to celebrating our marriage with friends & family in the near future!

Art Room Happenings

My Second graders have been working on these Hot Air Balloons now for a few weeks! I have laid down the law with my expectations of coloring with "No white showing"

Thus not a rapid breeze through project! 

Kindergarten Polar Bears!

I read them "the three snow bears" by Jan Brett
White Paint, Oil Pastels, sharpies.
What I don't like about this lesson is that my sharpies some how run out of ink from the paint. I swear the second you take a sharpie over tempera paint to outline, it like kills the marker.

I've been working hard on "Organizing" my students C R E A T I O N    S T A T I O N 

 So basically what this shelf is --is for my students to come over and keep them selves busy should they finish a project early.
They have their option of stencils, plain white paper, How to draw cards, word searches, or coloring pages.

Every year I throw my old markers that still work, into this marker bin that the students are allowed to use to during their extra free draw time. 

The color pencils where randomly there in my room when I over took it, so I have those (my junky mis-matched ones) and then a completely "complete" set that my older kids use on more in depth projects.

The biggest challenge for my students is that they keep grabbing our "GOOD" project markers and crayons for "free draw" which they aren't suppose to do. 
 Our Good markers I try to keep in color coded containers for each of my tables.

 I keep all "MISC" craft stuff in Mason Jars. It makes it WAY easy to see what I am low on! 

This poster is a new addition to my room (thank you Pinterest!)
It REALLY benefits ALL grades as a reminder of how color the "right" way! 



  1. Your wedding announcements are beautiful!

  2. I need to organize my den with all of our art supplies -- all the pictures helped get me motivated! And your annoucements are gorgeous, or maybe it is you and Mr. Wonderful! =)

  3. I love your announcements! So beautiful! Also loving your kids' art work-- adorable. :)

  4. You're the BEST teacher! I just love seeing all the students drawings. Too cute!! :)

  5. your announcements are beautiful! and i love the polar bears and the hot air balloons. good job laying down the law, no white spaces!

  6. Love the announcements and I always like when you post your art happenings! I get great ideas for my 2nd graders. So far I did a version of your paper wreaths of Christmas and right now my students are decorating Valentine's Day shoe boxes covered in newspaper. I'm also loving your examples/non-examples poster because I feel like I'm telling my 2nd graders that all the time!

  7. wow, stunning announcements and stunning photo. what a gorgeous couple! august will be here before you know it!!

  8. I love your wedding announcements!! So pretty!!! Also, you seem like such an awesome art teacher! I wish my elementary school art teacher had been like you!

  9. LOVE the wedding announcements and that color poster!

  10. Love your wedding announcements. Did you send them in envelopes or the clear plastic sheeting or just as is? Just curious...we are wanting to do a post card look for our save the dates and didnt know the best way to package them!

  11. How exciting that they've been mailed!

  12. Love your art projects- the hot air balloons are especially beautiful. I'd love to see how you display them. Also, your 'free-time' are is sooo well organized!


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