28 February 2012

Art work as of the last few weeks...

2nd Grade practiced their "tearing" paper skills. You should of seen their eyes when I said they had to draw circles then tear them out, not cut! haha It was cute. 

Warm/Cold Hearts
Kinders had fun learning about warm and cold colors. 
Oil Pastels
Tempera Cakes paint 

5th Grade
Keith Haring "Action" figures. 
Some of my kiddos asked if they could "title" their art
I was dumbfounded as to why I didn't think of that in the first place! 

My After School Art group just finished up making Japanese Lanterns
I found this lesson via another art teacher blog, and although she did email me back on directions, I had no idea what the measurements or what the exact folds were suppose to be on folding the lanterns. Thus, some of them are a wee bit lopsided but the kids were still digging them regardless.


1st grade read all about Elmer the Elephant. More to come on this lesson, since it's still a work in progress! 

2nd grade
Long Neck Giraffes
I've had this lesson "saved" for 2 years now and finally decided to teach it! 
My students LOVED learning all about Giraffes. They were all baffled that Giraffes have 18 inch tongues, can run 35 mph, and babies learn to walk within ONE hour of being born! :) More to come on these too, as these are also a work in progress.

Lastly, my 6th graders are STILL working on their Tornado lines. They have been working on this since the last week in Dec!! EEEK! While they don't like that it's been taking this long, I secretly love it. :) 
This student's project is probably one of the BEST out of my 6th grade bunch. I told him that if he finishes it like he started it, than it will for sure make it to the ASU art show. He was jumping up and down when I told him that. 



  1. I LOVE looking at your kids art!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! :)

  2. I read your blogh regularly but I LOVE these art posts!! My mom is an elementary art teacher, I always pass along your link, and I secretly dream about getting my art certification!

    Great job girl, your kids are doing awesome!

  3. Adorable. What talented art students they are!

  4. Any time that I see your kid's art projects, it makes me wish that A) I taught art and/or B) I was artistic. But alas, I am neither! ;)

  5. That Elmer the elephant is so very cute!

  6. My son is going to kindergarten this fall, and I can only hope he will have a teacher as committed and passionate as you. Your students' work is amazing and that reflects you as a teacher. Thank you for investing in our future!

  7. I am obsessed with giraffes! LOVE. Holllyyyy crapppp I am so jealous of his drawing! I wish I could do that! Amazing. You're such an amazing teacher!

  8. You've got some talented students. Fun!

  9. Oh my word you're kids are so creative! Even the really young ones! I'm in a gen. ed. art class in college and it's awesome to see the differences between my age and the young kiddos. I love the elementary school art work because they aren't afraid to be creative and think outside the box, where as my age we are much more reserved.

    And the boy with the tornado drawing?? Holy moly that is so impressive. Honestly I am wowed at that.

  10. Wow! I really think those kids are so talented! The action figures made me kinda gasp at how good they are! I think it's their teacher... ;)

  11. I'm completely inspired. I love that you get to work with such a big age range. I bet you are never bored. The lanterns are way cool.


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