11 February 2012

The Vow Movie Review

First and foremost let me tell you I was MOVED when I saw the REAL couple known at Kim and Krickett Carpenter on Oprah (when Oprah was still on doing the Oprah show) and then I found out they had a book which the lovely Jessica aka The Kentucky Priss sent to me. 

I read the book in one day. It was a quick read. I got teary eyed from the book.

BUY THIS BOOK That is PICTURED NOT THE ONE WITH Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams on the cover!!

This movie DOES NOT do the real Couple any justice.

Here are the differences and there are tons :( 

The Movie Versus Reality

Differences between the movie and real life events.

MovieReal Life
Leo & PaigeKim & Krickitt
Husband = musician /owner of recording studioHusband = baseball coach/San Juan County CEO
Wife = fun-loving, artist, vegetarian.Wife = fun-loving, gymnist, devout Christian
Wife dislikes her family before the accident.Wife always loved her family.
Leo never met wife's dad.Kim asks for the dad's approval before he proposes.
Wife did not keep a journal or diary.Wife kept a diary.
Husband signs divorce papers.Husband would not consider divorce, only separation.
Leo asks Paige to move in (prior to marriage)Kim never asked Krickitt to move in.
Pre-marital sexThey waited until marriage.
Ex fiance tries to re-date wife after the accidentNo ex gets involved, although she remembers one.
Husband is the one driving when accident happens.Wife was the one driving.
Accident happens on a city streetAccident happened on the highway
Wife does not appear too banged up after accident.Wife was bruised & bloody, unrecognizable in hospital.
Wife wakes up very soon after accident.Wife is in coma for weeks before waking up.
Coma was medically induced.Coma was a direct result of the accident.
Couple = non-religiousCouple = Christian faith plays key role in relationship.

I was let down because the book, THE TRUE STORY was so moving. The movie changed so much I spent half the time going "Wait that wasn't in the book ---that didn't happen" and I only did this because it was suppose to be based on a TRUE STORY!!!

I get that film makers often EDIT content out for time allotted purposes. But they went overboard with all the switch ups in this movie. 

If you are expecting to see the NOTEBOOK type love story--skip it. Wait to rent. Didn't have the same "spark" that Rachel and Ryan had in The Notebook.



  1. good to know! thanks for this review!!!

  2. I saw "The Vow" last night. I was kind of disappointed when I saw it. I was expecting so much more. I knew it was a true story and there was a book. Thanks for posting what was changed from real life to the movie. I was wondering about how accurate everything really was. I really want to read the book!

  3. I didn't read the book..but saw the Movie yesterday. I thought the movie was good...but I thought they could have continued and made a better ending. I was also amazed that this was based on a true story-wow!

  4. Ahh, I want to see this so bad! I don't know the true story, so maybe it won't be as disappointing?


  5. Thanks for the review, i was considering going to see!!

  6. im really glad you posted this. I hate seeing movies that are based off books (or real stories first as in this case) I know they have to edit things and make cuts to fit screentime but i can't stand when it's so obviously different and doesn't stay true to the original writers work!

  7. i just wanted SO much more from the movie! i wanted it to be 'the notebook' good, but it just wasnt.

  8. Thanks for the review! You saved me about $14 . I'm now interested in hearing more about this real life couple though.

  9. I can't wait to see it! Sucks that they changed a lot of the real story just to be more appealing. I knew something was up when on the previews the voice over kept saying "inspired by true events" not "based off a true story".

  10. Thanks for the comparison. I think I will read the book before seeing the movie. It sounds so much better.

  11. Saw this last night and agree 100%!!! My exact words were "that definitely wasn't a "notebook" type movie!" I was really let down by it!!! Now I can't wait to get my hands on the real story!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. i haven't read the book YET only bc i haven't been able to find it! i've been on the look out for months too, i guess i should just order it online.

    i figured there would be a ton of difference bc the movie poster says it's based on true events, which i always interpret to be veeeeerrrrrrrrrry loosely based on the real story. so glad to read your review! thanks for sharing, now i know what to expect when i watch it.

  13. Hmmm I have WAY different feelings... I agree it may not have been as great as the notebook and I didn't read the story, so I don't have that knowledge, but I thought they did an awesome job. Obviously they cannot base it completely off the real life (lots of people wouldn't watch it and it could be illegal/hurtful for the family to recall those instances) but I still think it was amazing.

  14. I saw the movie yesterday and liked it but I also never read the book. It's now on my list of books to read though!

  15. WOW that's a big edit, now I'm not so sure I want to see the movie and maybe I'll just read the book.

  16. Thanks for posting those major differences! I wasn't wowed by the movie, actually didn't really care for it. I'm sure I would love the book more now after reading your review!

  17. good to know! i'm much more interested in the book... i think we need more REAL love stories these days, not more crap from Hollywood that is so far fetched :)

  18. We went and saw this today and we both had no idea that it was based on a real couple until the end when they showed the photo. I hadn't even heard of the book. I can't believe it. I'm going to have to get that book.

  19. OK, one more comment for today. I ordered the book on my Nook right after I read your review. I usually love books more than movies, and with Channing Tatum (Hottt) and Rachel McAdams (too cute for words) in the movie, it was on my instant MUST SEE list! But after reading the book (like you, one day, sick at home in bed) I was terribly disappointed. It made me not want to see the movie. It was almost too much of the man being hurt, and it hurt to see him going through that. Then teh ending felt rushed. We didnt get to see them rebuild their relationship, so I was left feeling mad at Krickitt. The previews of the movie dont reveal how emotional it will be (beyond alluding the the point of the movie)-they only show the happy points. However, a few of the things that annoyed me about the book (although they shouldn't, because its real life, not a novel) seem to have been changed in the movie (HELLO CRAZY NAMES!) I'm 50/50 on seeing the movie or waiting for it to come ondemand.. Thank you for the review!!


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