26 February 2012

Hotties of the Academy Awards

So I was at the gym for the first hour of the Academy Awards, but I quickly got caught up with the hollywood hotties in their amazing outfits!

Here's my 

 How cute is Michelle!?! Definitely looks great this year!

Probably my fave dress of the night. Cameron is just such a knock out when she dresses up! 

 Natalie looks terrific! I think her dress pick is perfect!

 I've always loved Brad Pitt and (once a team Jenn) never been a fan of Angie, but I will give it to her, she looks really good in this dress!

 Girl crush--how adorable is Stacy Kiebler?!

Gwen. She's timeless. No other words. 



  1. Cameron was my favorite too! :)

  2. Wow... with the smile, I almost didn't recognize Angelina Jolie! She looks amazing... loving her hair and makeup!

  3. i don't know why, but every time i see natalie at an awards show, i feel like she's dressing for a high school formal. is that weird?

    i LOVE stacy. . . or maybe it's george that i love ;)

  4. I also love Michelle Williams coral Louis Vuitton (I believe). She will most likely top a lot of best dressed lists! I also love Stacy Kiebler! She always looks gorgeous! :)

  5. you are right on with this list! my favorites too!

  6. I loved Gwenyth's dress! So simple and classy! Love love!

  7. my favorite was Tina Fey!! It's funny because I never like the dresses that the designers choose as Best Dressed!

  8. I loved Cameron's dress. Her hair/make-up needed a little bump up though...

  9. I completely agree with you on all these looks! Stacy and Cameron looked STUNNING. Cameron seriously looked killer in that dress

    Btw, you remind me a lot of Stacy!

  10. I loved Stacy! I thought she looked great!


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