05 February 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I haven't done one of these in a while! Figured it would force me to bust out my camera today and take some pictures!
Hosted by the lovely Ashley

Today's assignment:
Strike A Pose
Color Me Green

Here are my entries. All new pictures taken within the last 2 days!
Think. Think. Think.

 My Vans. I think I'm the only 29 yr old that wears these. My students think I'm the "coolest" when I do wear them! These are my Cubs shoes. I wear them to every Chicago Cubs game I go to! 

My hobby. A 2 in one shot. When I am not teaching, I am reading, and spending time with my baby, fur baby that is--Aspen! As you can see, she had just about had enough of me reading and not paying attention to her! 

 My shiny huge bracelet that I never wear. It's getting old.

I wear this hat once a year. For St. Patricks Day. Keeps my students from pinching me from not wearing green!



  1. You have some serious photog skills! Love all these shots!

  2. I did this fun little scavenger hunt for the first time today. It's so fun. Love your pictures...especially the one with your little furbaby and a book. Nothing better than a good book and a pet in your lap. :)

  3. Hey Cassandra! I love that green hat and the photo. Your dog is too cute! :) Anyway, if you get a second, I'd love you to enter my giveaway, it ends today, so don't miss out. :)

  4. Love the shot of your fur baby with the book. Have a great week.

  5. Great set! Love the green hat! And you really should wear that bracelet. :) Your dog is sweet!

  6. I love those VANS. Lady I am reaching 32 and I'd still rock those.

    great set today. You've got a good eye.

  7. Love your selfie - aren't you funny!

  8. Too cute! I have ONE green shirt.. that I wear every year for St. Pats. Funny stuff. :) Take a photo in the hat this year! :)

  9. Gorgeous shots and such an adorable doggy!

  10. AHH! How are you liking the book!?

  11. um.
    could aspen be ANY cuter?

    She and my little boy, Skeeter would make one adorable white puppy couple. :)


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