13 February 2012

The time I bought TOMS and returned them...

True Story.

After seeing "The Vow" on Saturday, I walked around the mall (the movie theater was inside the mall that I met my friend at)

So I ended up in Nordstroms and there was a HERD of women hovering over the TOMS table. Lord have mercy, the BALLET FLATS had arrived!

I was eager to try them on, lucky me, a fellow helped me out right away and Bam!! I was walking up to the counter all happy to buy those TOMS that everyone goes nuts over. 

Funny thing happened. I ended up returning within a few minutes. 

They are cute, sure, but not the most comfortable flat I've ever tried on, and to me, that's the whole point of a shoe. TO BE COMFORTABLE. I am NOT one of those girls that wears ridiculous shoes that cost a fortune that are cute but not comfy in the least!

I just had a gut check and asked my self, am I buying these because I MUST have them? 


Am I buying these because everyone wants them and they are the "Craze"?

Am I buying these because I need them or want them?

Can I live without them?

And thus I returned them. Honestly they aren't practical. I like things that are practical not just because they are hip for the moment. 

I made my way down to the Tory Burch store, where I had been meaning to try on the all so famous Revas. 

They were heaven from the moment I slipped them on.

THOSE are comfortable. 

THOSE are practical.

THEY WILL BE a someday purchase for me that I think are WORTH the money! 

Why didn't I buy them right then and there? 

Um Hello...they are like 200 dollars. FOR A SHOE. I am a teacher not a doctor. Dropping that much on a shoe is a LOT from my teacher crap paycheck.

sad but true.

Has anyone ever bought anything but only to turn right around and return it the same day?

Do tell. 


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  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting! I love my Revas and have to say that I know they are pricey - but they are totally worth it! Also... you should definitely check out Ebay. My mom got me a pair of Red Leather Revas for Christmas that had never been worn on Ebay! The seller just had too many pairs and was downsizing her closet!

  2. So glad you posted on this! I have been lusting over the TOMS ballet flats and can't find them anywhere. For their hefty price tag I was already hesitant but the fact that they are not comfortable really makes it easier to say 'no'!

  3. Over the weekend, I went to Nordy's to buy the ballet flats. After finally wedging my way into the chaotic Tom's section, I grabbed my first pair of ballet flats. I was SO excited...until I tried them on. Can you say DISAPPOINTED?! I ended up leaving with the classic Tom's instead. I am happy with my purchase. :)

  4. So glad you changed your mind!! Although I commend TOMS for being a great company without a doubt, their shoes are hideous and uncomfortable!!!! it is just a craze that people are going to look back on and think what was I wearing (I.e. Crocs)!? but the revas are gorgeous, classic, long lasting and can be worn casual or dressy! Much better decision IMO :)

  5. Hahaha funny story. I hear ya though, I don't like uncomfortable shoes either. I am terrible about buying stuff on a whim though. I could go on & on about all the things I've bought then returned the next day. Can't wait to join the link-up tomorrow. Looks me & the pup will be having some kissy sessions hahaha. :)

    Have a great day!

  6. If I'm buying a flat, it better be comfy! Hope you find those Tory Burch ones on sale soon. :/

  7. So many people are in LOVE with Toms, but I am with you- the shoe has to be comfortable. Actually the most comfortable flat I have ever worn is from Payless for $30. I love them and might buy another black pair for when my current pair becomes old and worn. Now, those Tory Burch flats, I am dying to have! But I can't afford the $200 price tag at the moment!

  8. I'm with you completely. I think the TOMS are cute but they don't feel good on my foot and I'm also saving for an amazing pair of Reva's... Don't worry girl, I've taken something back minutes later before. I bought a crazy $250 pair of sunglasses & then once I took a minute to realize how stupid that was I turned around and took them back immediately!

  9. I'm all about flats being comfortable too! That's the whole point.

  10. I'm with you on the whole paycheck thing-I work for a non-profit. If I'm going to spend $200 on a pair of shoes, I have to save for it and REALLY want it. If I'm not willing to save for it, and if I find that I actually CAN live without it, I usually don't end up spending that much. I find there are good things out there that are not as expensive. Good luck!

  11. I have a problem with shoppiing. I hardly ever look at the price tag. So shortly after buying things I have the one on one talk with myself. "was this REALLY worth that price??" And more times than not I return things. I have a returning problem FOR SURE. You would think checking the price would just make more sense, but that it yet to happen.

    Im getting my first pair of TOMS in a couple days. I ordered them online. I have heard they are comfy and they are not. I guess I will find out for myself!!

  12. I sure have. After buying something...anything...guilt starts to creep in. I've been known to return many things because of that guilt.

  13. I'm obsessed with my TB Reva's and think you'd be happy you got them - they are so comfy and go with everything!

  14. I really don't get the obsession with TOMS. They're cute, but you can get something similar that is cheaper and fits better easily.

  15. Amen on the practicality of the TB Revas! I've been in the market for those same black ones. I think they are cuter than the Toms plus they are perfect for work! This teacher is on her feet all day too and I want comfort. I think the Revas are worth the investment.

  16. I am the queen when it comes to purchasing something then having buyers remorse and returning it the next day....I always check the return policy at stores! It's horrible! There's something about wanting it in the store...then not so much when you get them home....I do this all the time!!!

  17. I want some Revas SOOOO bad but the price tag is just killing me. It'll be a while before I can pay 200 bucks for some flats, but I've heard they're the equivalent of walking on clouds! :)

  18. Hey girl! Glad to know they aren't comfortable - I think the same as you...shoes are not worth the money if they aren't comfortable. Tory Burch are my faves - tip: look for them on Ebay. I've gotten 2 brand new pairs on Ebay for less than half the price tag. If you know your size and the type of shoe you want, it's a no brainer!!

  19. I adore my Reva's but I don't wear them very often. I'm so terrified of scuffing them or messing them up. That's the downside to $200 shoes!

  20. Oh my I swear I do this too often. I somehow convince myself I love something that I don't even really like because everyone else has it. I'm with you on the practicality! I've ever never tried those shoes, and I def need some COMFY flats to teach in.

  21. You have to buy the Revas!!! I love mine, like wear them EVERYWHERE. You have to go a size bigger, and they are a bit uncomfortable for the first couple wears but then they fit like a glove. I don't ever want to take mine off! They're quite spendy but so worth it!!!

    Thanks for the tip on the ballet flats. I had my heart set on them.

  22. which color did you pick before returning? I too want those TB flats

  23. Oh no! I've never liked the look of regular Toms, so I was excited to see that they came out with a ballet flat. Good to know that they weren't comfortable, I'll definitely be sure to try them on first rather than ordering them online like I'd thought.

  24. I'm a teacher too!!!! You know what shoes I love, have saved my feet, and are a fourth of the cost of TB...Gap City flats. They're around 40 bucks. I always catch them on sale or use a coupon, and it makes them even cheaper! The sole isn't completely flat. It has the cushion pads on the toe box and heel. They are still flat, but your feet don't hurt. Just a thought:)))))

  25. I'm bummed to hear the flats aren't comfy. I want to try them on before I purchase a pair. Love my pair of Revas. They're amazing!

  26. I've been eyeing the TOMS but haven't bought them either. I keep waiting. I hate to say this but the TB flats are SO uncomfortable. I laid the cash down for them and bought a pair. I tried them on in the store and they felt so great. Wear them a day though and they will rub your feet raw! I returned them the next day and the sales associate said that they get returned all the time for that very reason. So if you do end up buying them think about that and pick your size really well.

  27. Ohh, I looove the pink ballet flats. After you posted them last week, I quickly did a price check and realized I couldnt justify them either. (Love the idea of Toms, but come on, theyre so expensive for little tiny canvas shoes!!) :( Good for you for returning them. I do impulse buys and dont have the guts to ever return things (even if I decide Ill never wear them). Just think of all the money ways you can spend the $$, Food, gas, heat, pedicures during sandal season, or pedicures for your puppy :)

    Dang, I'm like comment obsessed today. I read your blog everyday, but never comment (procrastinating work) Have a great day!!


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