18 February 2012

Clarification Regarding "the trash can"

We tread the line between opinion and judgment a lot in social media. Some are quick to call out others as being "too judgmental" when their OWN beliefs or opinions are being challenged. There's no point in getting all bent out of shape over something as seemingly mundane as TEXT on a screen, especially when we are putting our thoughts out there to be judged in the first place. The problem arises when we judge others in an aggressive tone. 

Some of you expressed in my trash post, that you thought it was absurd that I deleted a friend on FB over our Trash can argument. 

What you didn't know was I left a lot out about this so called "friend". How she verbally always had something negative to say on EVERY post I would update on FB. I was beginning to think/ask myself, why are we friends? She never had anything nice to say to me anymore. So for me, that was the last straw. 

Some of you also said you have a hard time basically judging me as if I am judgmental or not because you are unsure of my "Tone" in my posts/texts. 

I wrote my FB post for "Friends" to see. 95% of my friends who KNOW ME and know my sarcasm and my "tone" know I was not "naming" each and everyone of them "Idiots" if they have a trash can in their car. I was making a general statement to all on FB that I thought it was gross about the trash can. I'm sorry, I guess I am one the few people that doesn't WANT to post all fluff to keep others happy. I have a mind. I express what's on it regardless of how people take it. I don't think my choice of word "idiot" is mean, harsh or demeaning. That's just me. I could of done way worse or said way worse had I wanted to belittle my friends on FB. 

So, in my opinion, the line between opinion and judgment is when we use an aggressive, absolute tone while expressing one’s thoughts. I personally don’t have a problem with judgments because I can see them for what they are … opinions expressed as facts. 


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