30 November 2012

My Holiday Favorites

Music.  I don't think I've ever gone a single Christmas not listening to Amy Grant's "A Christmas Album."
I grew up listening to this album with my Dad.  We have had wars with sharing her cd over the holiday too! 

All time favorite Christmas movie

Movies: I have MANY holiday movies I LOVE esp like Home Alone, The Holiday, It's A Wonderful Life etc etc but all time favorite goes to Chevy Chase and the Griswolds! 

Children's Film: Hands down goes to Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Another movie I grew up watching and one of the few kids movies I own on DVD still as an adult! 

Treats:  I love that these are only sold around Christmas other wise I'd be one chunky lady! My favorite holiday treat by far!

Traditions:  On Christmas eve, as a child, my brother and I were always allowed to open ONE christmas gift of our choice!
We also, and still do to this day, attend Midnight Mass.

And my new personal holiday favorite apparel is this shirt:

I got this on ebay for like 16 bucks. What a steal right?! Seller's name is hagelsshirtshack

What are some of your holiday favorites!?


29 November 2012

Current Student Art (redo post!)

Dear fellow bloggers,

I thank you for all the suggestions about how to fix my over the limit picture problem! I am sticking with Photobucket. I'm sure in time I'll fill that up too considering that I've had my account since the good ole Myspace days. Remember when you had to "host" your images that you'd post on ppl's walls or on your profile? I Do!!!

Anyway, here's what we've been up to...

Kinder read a story about a very busy squirrel and thus, got to paint some nice fall acorns! 

2nd graders made actual squirrels in my after school art class! I am so happy with how unique each picture turned out!

My first graders finished their scarecrows! this was a 3 week lesson! We used texture plates for the shirt, they had to trace their hands for the scarecrow's hands, and use assorted buttons and crinkled paper for the suspenders and wrinkled face! 

This turkey has to be my favorite out of the bunch! This student just did such a great job of spreading the feathers around and the little additive detail of the feather on the forehead really won me over! 

The CD weavings for our big recycle themed art show (Not till April) has commenced. I have all my 4th 5th and 6th grade kiddos making one.

This student was my first finished weaver! I have about 1-2 kids done in each class, so they are my other set of helping hands for all the other kiddos that make mistakes or need help weaving! 

Another blogger has directions if anyone needs more info on how to weave the cds 
blog is here


T Giving Family Photo

Since my husband's brother was in town, we were actually able to get a family photo of all 3 of us in the same photo! That never happens! 

PS I am still trying to work out this whole blog mess of storage....

The whole upload the link from the URL is NOT working. It tells me it can't find the image...


27 November 2012

Art Room Happenings!

I am very sad fellow friends/bloggers.

Google won't let me upload anymore pictures. I've been blogging for over 3 years and apparently I've used up my allotted quota so to speak.


I refuse to have to pay, and I refuse to have to delete all my old pictures off just to have to make room.

I already pay for my flickr account. I had no idea that when you upload a picture off your own desktop that it was taking "storage" space on google?

Google if you are reading this, way to nickel and dime your effing users. Lame.

So friends, I think I am giving up le blog, should you wish to see pics of student work, you'll have to follow me on my flickr account

or follow me on instagram

I'm so sorry, but I don't have the money to pay each month to share photos..

And for those of you that haven't hit your maximum limit, don't worry, in time you will. Only took me 3 years.

and those that can afford to pay monthly fees, be my guest!


Say it ain't so!

Did y'all hear/read about this??

Girl Meets World!!! 

For real? 

I loved Boy Meets World when I was younger! I love when shows take a long long break and then come back! I hope they have as much success as they did when they were younger!

Speaking of reuniting...

Don't ya'll wonder what the Griswold's would look like in present day?

Thanks to Old Navy, we don't have to wonder!

That's all I got for today folks.



22 November 2012

Christmas Wish List

What feels like my permanent Christmas Wish List

Anyone else have "want" items that never seem to leave their wish list for the past few years?

Yeah, that be me!

Polar Ft40F Women's Heart Rate Monitor 

 The heartrate watch has been in my amazon saved cart for the last 6 months. 

Cost: Over 100 bucks.

Saw this pin of stacked gold bracelets and fell in love. newest want items for me.

Cost: each bracelet is over 500 dollars!!!!
That's the cost of gold for you!

Tory Burch tan revas

Jewelry Armoire

This sucker has been on my wish list for 2 years. They are just so dang expensive!

Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4G

This has been a 3 year want gift. 
Cost: $439

Wish I liked/wanted cheap things! haha

Okay I take that back, I wish the things I wanted weren't so expensive! Anyone else have a wish list of things that they know they won't get?


18 November 2012

Revas SOLD!



Before anyone reads below, these have been officially sold! Thank you so much for your quick interest and comments. 

I always like to sell things from time to time, check back! :) 

Anyone wear a size 9 shoe? 

I am selling my Tory Burch Revas.

The story you may find quite hilarious.

You may recall me blogging about buying the Revas last year...

What y'all don't know is that I've worn the shoes 3 times and could not wear them anymore.

You see, I made a big mistake in buying shoes. The golden rule of shoe buying, you NEVER buy a shoe unless you have tried it on first!!!

I bought them to small. Tried to wear them, even though they were way to tight, and boy did I pay for it. I got that injury that runners often get where they have blood under their big toe nails. Yeah that injury. My toe nails just now grew out from last February! 

Lesson learned: 
Never buy a shoe online that you've NEVER tried on before!

So with that being said, if anyone out there knows of someone that wears a 8.5 that would take the 9 hit me up! They are going for $50

I am happy to report that I did buy the same shoe today but in my correct size (9.5) 
a whole half stinkin size up. 


17 November 2012

Powder Room Make Over!

While the husband was out of town, I got this crazy idea to paint our downstairs bathroom. 

In all honesty, I painted it while he was gone on purpose.

Why you ask?

Odds were in my favor of him vetoing the whole thing had he been home.

More on that later.

Anyway, I had a friend of mine who painted her whole house come over and help me with my bathroom. 

Here are the before shots:

Here's our less than exciting standard mirror BLAH

The green tape is called monkey tape. Best painting tape ever!

And so it begins....always paint in the "W" meaning make a W with your roller each time you roll the paint on! 

The gray is called Weathered Tin. It's the same gray that the original pinner used in her bathroom. Paint is from Walmart. 

Picture frames are from Pier 1. I have yet to find any photos I want to frame in them! 

I couldn't get the Dutch Boy whipped white paint that the blogger used. It's no longer available on their site and can't even be purchased in the state of AZ! I went with el cheapo white from Walmart as well. Worked just fine!

I searched everywhere for a mirror identical to this one, but hers was from Homegoods and we all know how finding things there are like finding a needle in a haystack! 

I ended up choosing this mirror from Kirklands.

Final product

The little storage basket has found a home upstairs and the green trashcan is old, and not staying down in this bathroom. 

This bathroom is no where near being done decorated, I've actually hit several road bumps with the decor part. I thought I could branch out and ask for some advice on FB from so called friends but man I felt like all I got was a verbal attack of how much they didn't like the rug! 

This rug was from West Elm. I love west elm rugs but all the negative nancies vetoed the rug, and thus I returned it. 

Rug shopping is hard! Everyone has offered the advice of adding a pop of color, but neglect to actually help me out by sending me links or pictures of things I could buy or where from! It's easy to say oh add yellow or this color but seriously guys, I'm an art teacher which means I'm VISUAL! Gotta show me what you mean! 

I'd like the pop of color to be teal. 

I'm not doing yellow since our master bedroom is in yellow black and gray colors! 

What inspired this whole project?

This pin from pinterest

As you can see, her bathroom is pretty much identical to mine so I thought I could handle it with such a close visual match!

Better After blog can be found here!

The stencil I used and the other blogger used is from Cutting Edge Stencils. It can be found here

I purchased the Kit they suggested you buy, it came with the nifty level and a special roller brush.

And there you have it folks! I wish I was more excited about my bathroom, but I haven't had so much success in decor with it! 


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