06 November 2012

Do Your Duty!

Your vote is your voice, regardless of your choice. Be heard today!


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  1. I'm just right of Center, not a true Republican nor Democrat -registered Independent who is probably more Libertarian. That being said, I think we need more of a CEO than anything with this country. We need 5 Presidents! A CEO, CFO, Public Affairs Officer, Foreign Affairs Officer & Domestic Affairs Officer. We vote non-party, just on candidate - best person for the job. Sort of like a "board of directors". And you have 5 of them so that there is a tie breaker if there ever is a need for them to vote on issues collectively. I don't know that Politics and Morals truly can co-exist without colliding becuase sometimes in war, we make bedfellows with the enemy (such as Al Quieda, as it has happened in the past...) but I do think that both parties bring valueable things to the table...and what's truly the sin is that we have to have singular parties in control rather than capitalizing on the strengths that both parties bring to the table. But that's just this girl's opinion...

    Truthfully, I voted Libertarian this election. I froze when I got there because I didn't feel good voting for either of them. The devil you know versus the one you don't. It was a tough choice, and I chose neither. But I wouldn't fear too much - I don't think things can get any worse!!! :)


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