04 November 2012

Country Love

Did y'all watch the CMAs?

I just LOVE watching this award show. It's the only award show I enjoy watching! The others are often long, distasteful and NOT funny in a non offending way.

Brad and Carrie are just so great together. They keep it classy.

Even if they have to do a little diddy of the new Korean rage 

ganham style! LOL

There were so many performers that are like super mega country stars!

Faith Hill made an appearance/performance.

Does this woman age at all?

And I LOVED Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill's duet.
Vince should get an award for how often he does duets.

Y'all recall him helping Carrie sing How Great Thou Art?

Or Helping Gwen Paltrow sing Country Strong?

Wish his wife, Amy Grant, would make more appearances out with him! I loved her music as a kid!

If you missed the new song by Kelly, here's the video it's really good! She needs to make more songs/tunes like this one!

And I loved this performance by Little Big Town.

I will admit, when I heard Pontoon for the first time, I really despised the song. It took some time for it to grow on me! 

The CMAS just is such a classy award show. They don't feel like they "compete" against each other for awards, and are genuinely happy for the other person in their category when they win. 

Case in point, Miranda Lambert beating out Kelly C, Carrie, Martina,Taylor for female vocalist of the year she took the time to actually say nice genuine things about the people she was up against. I just thought that was so great of her!

Here's what I mean.

What was your favorite part of the CMAs?



  1. I truthfully do not know that I could just find one part that I loved about the CMA Awards. I think I liked it all. The performances was great & the little skits was too cute & funny. One part that I did love was when Miranda was crying & her & Blake placed there heads together. It was so very sweet & loving :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the CMAs! My favorite preformaces where Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan. I also loved the moment when Miranda and Blake won song of the year for Over You. Such a great song and moment!

  3. It's always my favorite awards show! Miranda killed it! Carrie and Brad are hilarious together.

  4. I completely agree with everything you said! Carrie is so beautiful and Brad seems like such a regular ol' guy. They play off one another's antics well! I wish country received a little more love!
    Also, I agree with your Korean craze comment, and I'M Asian (and heard the song when it came out earlier this year)!

  5. I missed it this year =(


  6. You said it perfectly...the CMA's are definitely classy. I too love Carrie and Brad hosting. They just seem like they are good friends. I'd like to think that they have double dates and play board games at one another's houses together.

  7. I agree completely! I know there are probably shady people in this industry as well, but I feel like overall everyone in the Country community are such great people. All the men are married and happy...and all the women are so classy.

  8. I looooved the little big town performance. It was really cool how they were in the boxes - and the "motorboatin'" thing was so funny!! I always really enjoy the CMAs too!


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