27 November 2012

Art Room Happenings!

I am very sad fellow friends/bloggers.

Google won't let me upload anymore pictures. I've been blogging for over 3 years and apparently I've used up my allotted quota so to speak.


I refuse to have to pay, and I refuse to have to delete all my old pictures off just to have to make room.

I already pay for my flickr account. I had no idea that when you upload a picture off your own desktop that it was taking "storage" space on google?

Google if you are reading this, way to nickel and dime your effing users. Lame.

So friends, I think I am giving up le blog, should you wish to see pics of student work, you'll have to follow me on my flickr account

or follow me on instagram

I'm so sorry, but I don't have the money to pay each month to share photos..

And for those of you that haven't hit your maximum limit, don't worry, in time you will. Only took me 3 years.

and those that can afford to pay monthly fees, be my guest!



  1. Awwww I'm so sad you're stopping your blog. Stupid Google! Hate them.

  2. You can upload your images to Photobucket or another free image hosting site and just copy the photo URL over!

  3. Sad news! I only pay $5 a year for my storage on google. But I completely understand not doing it because it hardly seems fair.

  4. I upload them to photobucket and use the HTML to show them. Just a thought....I hate to see you stop blogging

  5. I agree with Nikki. And by the way it didn't just happen to you. It happened to me about 2 weeks ago and I've only been blogging a year. Plus I have read about 4 other art teachers who had this happen to them in the last few weeks. So I think that google is up to something sneaky. Just use photo bucket. It is free.

  6. I hit my limit in less than two years! It's crazy!!! I'm kind of at a stand still....

  7. I use photobucket too -- I have tons and tons of photos, professional and personal and do not pay anything!

  8. Definitely use Photobucket for your pics! I ran into the same issue after 2 years. Photobucket really saved my blog! You can also use Facebook pics by right clicking and copying the URL.

  9. I just ran into this problem on Thanksgiving break...I'm so annoyed! I like you, don't want to pay monthly to load pictures!! grrrrr.
    Lovely Little Things

  10. This just happened to me tonight, so frustrating, gggrrrrr!

  11. I didnt even know about photobucket!! I ran into the same issue a little over a year ago and paid the fee b/c it was only a one time yearly fee then. But now, they've gone and made it monthly, so I'm just waiting to see if I've been grandfathered in or if they're going to start really charging me! I mean...$10 for the year was one thing. But now it's $10/month!


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