17 November 2012

Powder Room Make Over!

While the husband was out of town, I got this crazy idea to paint our downstairs bathroom. 

In all honesty, I painted it while he was gone on purpose.

Why you ask?

Odds were in my favor of him vetoing the whole thing had he been home.

More on that later.

Anyway, I had a friend of mine who painted her whole house come over and help me with my bathroom. 

Here are the before shots:

Here's our less than exciting standard mirror BLAH

The green tape is called monkey tape. Best painting tape ever!

And so it begins....always paint in the "W" meaning make a W with your roller each time you roll the paint on! 

The gray is called Weathered Tin. It's the same gray that the original pinner used in her bathroom. Paint is from Walmart. 

Picture frames are from Pier 1. I have yet to find any photos I want to frame in them! 

I couldn't get the Dutch Boy whipped white paint that the blogger used. It's no longer available on their site and can't even be purchased in the state of AZ! I went with el cheapo white from Walmart as well. Worked just fine!

I searched everywhere for a mirror identical to this one, but hers was from Homegoods and we all know how finding things there are like finding a needle in a haystack! 

I ended up choosing this mirror from Kirklands.

Final product

The little storage basket has found a home upstairs and the green trashcan is old, and not staying down in this bathroom. 

This bathroom is no where near being done decorated, I've actually hit several road bumps with the decor part. I thought I could branch out and ask for some advice on FB from so called friends but man I felt like all I got was a verbal attack of how much they didn't like the rug! 

This rug was from West Elm. I love west elm rugs but all the negative nancies vetoed the rug, and thus I returned it. 

Rug shopping is hard! Everyone has offered the advice of adding a pop of color, but neglect to actually help me out by sending me links or pictures of things I could buy or where from! It's easy to say oh add yellow or this color but seriously guys, I'm an art teacher which means I'm VISUAL! Gotta show me what you mean! 

I'd like the pop of color to be teal. 

I'm not doing yellow since our master bedroom is in yellow black and gray colors! 

What inspired this whole project?

This pin from pinterest

As you can see, her bathroom is pretty much identical to mine so I thought I could handle it with such a close visual match!

Better After blog can be found here!

The stencil I used and the other blogger used is from Cutting Edge Stencils. It can be found here

I purchased the Kit they suggested you buy, it came with the nifty level and a special roller brush.

And there you have it folks! I wish I was more excited about my bathroom, but I haven't had so much success in decor with it! 



  1. You are so brave for using that stencil! It looks fantastic!

  2. Wow, you are amazing! It looks so good!!

  3. you did a beautiful job and I love the stencil on one wall, it looks gorgeous! good idea doing while the man was away- i would too!

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous! :) Your hard work (and that of your friend's) definitely paid off!

  5. well for what it's worth I liked it :) but I think something with blue or teal will be a perfect pop of color!

  6. it looks great, and i agree that the teal would look good.
    I like in the after picture that flower vase thing; I wonder if you could find a larger vase and go to michaels or Zgallerie and find the flowers to fill it? and you could have a touch of another color of flowers too?
    im looking now to give you examples ;)

    1. Ash, I'm definitely going with teal as the accent color...

  7. LOOOOOOVE that stencil, wow! Great job. And your scarf (in the mirror at Kirklands) is adorable. Where's it from?

  8. Looks great! I have yet to tackle my bathrooms!

  9. It looks really great!! I think teal would be a really pretty pop of color. Or maybe even green or orange if you like those colors.

  10. it looks fantastic! and i like the rug! it was perfect in the room, but a pop of color would work too. what's great about gray/white is that any color would be great in there.

  11. I love this!! I may do something similar in our jack and jill bathroom upstairs!

  12. I love the reveal of the entire bathroom. And I really really like the stencil on the far wall. Really great color choice! I am keeping an eye out for rugs...with pictures :) Just so you know, I have been living rugless in some areas for two years because I am still looking for the perfect rug (at a reasonable price). Sometimes these things just take time to find us!

  13. I love it! I am dying to do this somewhere in our house, but the husband disagrees (why do men hate stencils?). I strongly agree with the pop of teal, if I see something I will let you know. I don't mind the rug. I saw some cool painted rug things on pinterest... Maybe you could paint a rug with the stencil in teal... Don't know how about a painted rug though ...

  14. I think it turned out great, and I love the idea of teal!

  15. You did a great job!! Don't let the haters dictate what you have! I think the rug looked good!

  16. Looks great! You did a great job on the stencils!

  17. holy cow!!! i thought it was wallpaper...i even instagrammed you asking what kind of wallpaper it was. i am super impressed and LOVE this.

  18. New follower! You have totally inspired me to redo a few rooms in our house. This room is gorgeous!

    Xo, Brandi


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