03 November 2012

Art Room Happenings

2nd Grade Silhouette Halloween pictures

Kindergarten's torn paper candy corn

 My After School Academy art class made Day of The Dead flower pots with painted skulls on them. The one that says Aryam is actually my teacher example, I just gave the pot to her for helping me with the younger kids!

My famous scream pictures. Taught this one last year too. 

Kinder's Cut Shape cats!

Sixth grade is making an Egyptian Pharaoh/God of their choice 
These are still currently being created..

Crayon resist pumpkin paintings 
ASA Art class

 1st Grade Candy Corn Men! 

Life has been hectic with working two jobs. Trying to keep up.



  1. Just linked to your blog from living in the moment! Enjoying looking at your student's creative art work! I just may have to steal a couple of your ideas for my students! :) Going to catch up some more on your fabulous blog!

  2. Great projects all round, but especially like your scream pictures - they must have had great fun doing those! :)Elizabeth

  3. Love the art work! I swear your students are more creative than I will ever be, so adorable!


  4. I love it girlie. You came up with all kinds of cute ideas for your kids at school :) My favorite one may have to be the ones of the candy corn torn paper :)

  5. Beautiful work!!! I love the Egyptian god portraits, where did you find the pictures they were working from in the packet? I tried to start collecting resources to do a similar project and had a hard time finding simple line drawings to give as examples. Thanks!!!


  6. @ TConlan-

    The packet pictures and packet themselves I complied off of Google! I just searched the web I'd even type in coloring pages to see what it would bring up--I was looking for simplistic lines as you said! :)


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