31 October 2013

Happy Halloween! Art Room Edition!

Here are some of our Halloweenie Art Projeects!

Frankenstein and witch faces were inspired by Picasso!

Kindergarten Triangle cats

3rd grade perspective witch legs!

25 October 2013

Christmas Wish List!

Is it to soon to share my Christmas Wish list!? I actually have things on my list this year!

The trouble is, as you get older, the gifts you want never seem to get cheaper, but rather more than expensive!

1. LAFCO candle I smelled this in a boutique/restaurant gift shop and fell in love! Smells devine!
2. Anything with elbow patches. An instagrammer I follower shared this angora sweater from Banana Republic today and I simply must have it! Checked online and it's not available yet.

3. A bike. So several years back I had an amazing white custom beach cruiser that I got when I was dating someone who lived in San Diego. I gave it away to a friend who helped me move and thus have kicked myself for doing so because here I am wanting a bike again! I wanted something with a beach cruiser look, but actually has gears and such :) 

4. Beats Solo by Dre (headphones that are perfect for girls who have smaller ears and heads!)

5. ASOS purse. Must admit the scalloped edge sold me on wanting it! :) 

What is on your wish list this year? 

14 October 2013

The Good the bad...

Have you ever read a book that you just literally had to put down because it was so terribly written? This happened to me for the first time over my fall break. I had started a booked called Crazy Beautiful Love  by J. S. Cooper. 

When I say it was poorly written, I mean it was written like a high schooler wrote it! it didn't flow, jumped all over the place, and was totally unbelievable! I didn't make it past the first maybe 10 pages and quite frankly was stunned a book this bad was even published. 


Skip it! 

On the movie front, Hubby and I saw Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. It was WONDERFUL. We were on the edge of our seats the whole time. 


Rooftop A Captain's Duty

This is what the real Captain Phillips looks like.

Throughout the film, my husband I kept asking to each other and wondering, is there a law that doesn't allow them to carry guns to protect themselves from Pirates? Anyone know someone who has a family member of friend who is a captain of a ship? 

In other news... Today school resumed from Fall Break and I came into my classroom with a few holes.... IMG_2145



A squirrel somehow got in through the pipes or something in the ceiling and chewed his way through the ceiling tiles. 3 of which had to be replaced. He ate 30 marker caps and markers, construction paper and cardboard, and my fish diagram that I had up high. 

Needless to say I was super annoyed! I don't want the poor thing to die, but he's going to if he's been up there that many days without real food or water.

Thankfully my Principal has graciously offered for me to get new markers that the school will pay for since he did so much damage!

The bad news...

My students clay projects many of them didn't make it since the squirrel jumped on the counter and smashed them into pieces that are just to small to fix or glue on since they haven't even made it into the kiln for a first firing.

In other news...
You all know I'm very anti soda. In fact, the only soda I'd drink was Sierra Mist since it had no artificial sweeteners in it, and was only used with real sugar. 

I guess you could say the heavy content of sugar part was the part that stinks about drinking it. 

Let me introduce you to ZEVIA which is AMAZING! 

It has NO Aspartame or Fructose Corn Syrup in it the sweetener comes from Stevia which is not one that causes cancer or bad things! 

You can find this soda at healthy food places such as Whole Foods or Sprouts. 

Has anyone else tried it? I am currently digging the Strawberry flavored one, it reminds me of a Crush soda! :) 

10 October 2013

Art Room Happenings!

A few old a few new lessons to share. Here's what we've been working on in my art room! 




1st Grade Fall Trees. Lesson was on TEXTURE rubbings for the bark and adding tissue paper as the leaves. Reinforced last week's lesson about Relief art vs 3D art. 

Radial Symmetry Name designs 6th grade.

Rainbow fish
tempera cake paint and oil pastels.


Clay Aliens/Monsters
4th grade




Picasso Cubism faces
4th Grade
talked a lot about Portraits and what the style of cubism was. Learned all about Picasso too of course!


09 October 2013

Is it Fall yet?

Fall just doesn't really happen here in AZ. I keep seeing all these sweaters and boots popping up all over my instagram feed, and here in Arizona, we are just not ready to rock that apparel yet since it's still in the 90s!


This was my first fall ish outfit, my inspiration for this outfit was Megan over at Style me Swanky. Thank you Megan for having such great style! You inspire me! 
I wore this outfit out to dinner with my hubs. Skirt and shirt are from ASOS.

I finished a book called Arsen by a new author. The book drove me nuts. I loved the book I hated the book I was so mad at the book! :) Left a review on Goodreads if interested. :) 


Other than that, not much else to report. :)

03 October 2013

For Sale!

Is anyone else on Poshmark, the app that lets you sell clothes?

If you are, look me up user name myohmy

Here are a few clothing items that I am currently selling!

H&M skirt size 6
WAY to small for this girl who has some junk in the trunk so I can't wear it. New with tags never worn. $26
Lululemon shorts and tank purchased in April/May
Shorts are a size 6 and tank is a size 4
Asking $45 for tank and $50 for shorts. We all know that both of these pieces were around 68-78 brand new and I only wore this once!


Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 6.20.13 AM
Anthropologie Tabitha ruffled cardigan size small.
This one is just a little to short for my long torso. I only wore it once in the picture you see below :) $20


There are a few more things on Poshmark for sale so stop on by if interested! I have a few dresses and skirts too! Feel free to make me an offer, I'm open within reason for price negotiation!

01 October 2013

It's Fall y'all!

Oh Anne Shirley. You always put a smile on my face with your amazing words.

Even though our AC is still on and it's still 90 out, it is beginning to feel a little fall here in Arizona, and anything under 100 degrees is a great day in my book! 

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