18 December 2009

My good friend Kim took these pictures on our last get together...I asked her even though she is a wicked super busy photographer these days plus busy being preggo with baby #2!  I just wanted one good shot for a Christmas card to send out to my folks!  Most of the time it's easy to take pics of yourself on a tripod, but when there is a dog, it's usually best to have someone else take the pics!


Well, today was the last day of school before Christmas break....I don't know what  I am going to do with 3 whole weeks off of school with no where to go this holiday!  This will be my first year not seeing my family over the holdiays out of my entire life!

I posted these 3 pictures of my Kindergarten's Candy Cane Mice...They turned out so cute!

08 December 2009

Today my 3rd graders finally finished their giant snowmen, and I was able to make a decent wall display up in the office.
4th graders got their first holiday art project done in one class period thankfully.  They made bulbs up close on a christmas tree.  The bulb was painted in watercolor paints, and the tree was painted in tempera paints.  They turned out just great!

06 December 2009

Holly Jolly Christmas Stuff

Here are the tin angels that my fifth graders just made this week in art. Super cute and it's a go green holiday!

Here is a kindergartener's fall tree made out of puzzle pieces and card board and teared construction paper as the grass. 

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