28 September 2012

Happy Friday!

This pic was to cute not to share! 

Love these subwoofers!

Happy weekend everyone! 


27 September 2012

Book Review!

I totally found this book on a whim--I was reading Shue Love, and took interest in the book from what she had to say about it. 

This book was crazy! So many twists in the story, the ending I never thought would end the way it did. In my book, that's what good writers do, make you think it's going to end one way, but really it ends in a way no one ever expects! 

I'd recommend reading this book! 


26 September 2012

Sean's The Word...

ABC officially announced that Sean Lowe is our next Bachelor! Y'all know how I was goo goo gah gah for this guy! Filming has already began, and it won't air till January 2013! 

Hope he finds his match! 

In other TV news....

I cannot wait till Sunday!!!! Feels like FOREVER since I saw the last episode of REVENGE!!

Also got word that Hart of Dixie will be back on TUESDAY a new night starting on October 2nd!

Love me some Rachel Bilson!

In other "news" 

It was the first time in SEVEN years I've ever had one of THESE in my house...

Thank GOD my husband was home so when I came downstairs at 5:30 AM and started screaming, he was there to help! 

Yes, I live in AZ. Yes, scorpions are common. But, NOT IN MY HOUSE they aren't! I've NEVER lived somewhere in the last 7 years where I had one get in so to speak. Now I'm totally freaked and paranoid because well this critter was INCHES from Aspen! How my sweet little Lovie didn't see it or get up to investigate it is BEYOND me. I have no idea how much venom these guys carry and what I would of had to do had she gotten stung. 

I tried to get her to sleep upstairs with the hubs and I, but it's just still to warm and she prefers sleeping on the cool kitchen floor. 

Thus, it's 1 am as I write this post because I cannot SLEEP because I was laying in bed worrying about my dog! 

Husband agreed to have our home sprayed (which most AZ people have done out here anyway) Whew! 


25 September 2012

Shame Shame know your name!

I recently got a forwarded email of a ton of naughty dog photos with notes from my Uncle. Come to find out there is a whole website called DOG SHAMING {dot}com 
view here
Some of the captions on the photos had me in stitches of laughter! 

My inspiration for this whole post actually came from Sarah over at Total Basset Case! She instagramed her sweet Floyd and I immediately commented and told her that this very picture should go on that website (Dog Shaming obviously)

Here's her Floyd haha
You can check out her blog HERE

So grateful that my little ball of fluff is NOT a chewer or house destroyer! The worst offense she's  ever had was stealing panties and trying to eat the crotch out of them (hence her nickname panty bandit!) and she likes to eat ppl's used tissues out of the trash (which is why we no longer have bathroom trash cans on the floor!)


24 September 2012

Art Room Happenings: September!

2nd Grade

3rd Grade
 6th Grade

 4th Grade

After School Academy projects 2nd and 3rd grade!


22 September 2012

Book Review

I finally finished this book. I wrote a whole review on Goodreads. You can read about it there. 
All I can say is that I have NOT loved any of her books since her first two novels, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. I feel like she's lost her luster in writing! 


21 September 2012

Kinder Ducks

After 5 weeks of worksheets of how to cut, color, glue, my kinders got their first "real" art lesson! 
We read 10 Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle. Kids love to help you read and count out loud with this book. 

Students had to draw a big oval for the body and triangle for the beak and tail. One out of my 4 kinder classes I did make circle tracers for since the needed the extra help! 


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