20 September 2012

I Believe...

I believe...

That if you see a movie before you read the book, you are cheating yourself out of a great piece of literature.

Case in point: these two books are fantastic. 

I believe that over time, people change.
The lesson learned was that some people change for the good, and some change for the bad.
I once believed that if a man or woman was married then divorced, then clearly there was something wrong with "them". 

Lesson learned: DONT BE SO JUDGMENTAL!

You just may end up with these so called "types"

I did! 

Basically in the words of the "Biebs" NEVER SAY NEVER!

I believe that Husbands should always have TRASH duty! 
(Mister Wonderful are you reading that?! haha)

This picture was to funny not to share! My thoughts exactly!

I believe that we have a very important Election coming up, and sadly most people "don't give a shit" so to speak. STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!

I believe that CHILDREN do not TRUMP PETS that came first in your life!
haha Kristen girl (All in my Twenties blog) if you are reading this you know I'm on your side! 
*with the exception to EXTREME issues such as a pet biting a child and getting stitches type senario....

And with that being said,

I believe that

 puppy kisses make EVERYTHING better!

I believe that 
I am the biggest cookie monster whore  
Seriously I can NEVER say NO to a cookie! 

I believe that as much as we all hate facebook and social media from time to time, that it does have it's "good" or happy aspects about it.

Case in point:

this comment was from someone I haven't talked to in a long while, very unexpected and yet made my day!

I believe in MANNERS! That handwriting thank you cards will always trump any text or email. 

I believe that OHIO STATE FOOTBALL is a way of life!

Even if my own college's former football coach is now the coach of the Buckeyes. Ohioians don't hate we appreciate! :) 

I believe that for all the years that I loathed God after my mother died, 
that getting my butt back to church all these years later was truly the "right" thing to do. I always walk out of church feeling like a million bucks. This makes me want Church to be 5 days a week if that's the case! LOL

I believe that even though we have the right to freedom of speech, really we don't! 
If we did, then we really could say how we feel on the internet and not worry about "offending" others or losing a job, friends etc etc...

I believe that tattoos on the body is NOT fine art! A tattoo drawn in a book on a piece of paper or painted on a stretched canvas is art.  When you teach art you tend to have strict views opinions on this subject of what is art!

I believe that even at 30, I am NEVER to old to eat a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

I believe...

That Pop up Video was seriously the best idea ever for music videos! 

Thankfully AMC has Story Notes for my trivia needs about movies since VH1 no longer does pop up video!

Did you know that Paul Hogan aka Mic Dundee is MARRIED to the lead actress in his hit movies? Linda Kozlowski since 1990? They have a son together, and since the Dundee movies, Linda has not acted in any movies since!

Just a little tid bit for you! #moviejunkie :) 

This list is really endless! 

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  1. Wow I think you seriously read my mind. Especially about the books and pets!

    1. We all have our own thoughts and opinons on things, but these are definitely some things I feel strongly about!

  2. this..just this has so many things that i love;
    love that white bubble necklace;
    love your shoes in that yellow dresss.
    and i do not know how to say no to a cookie either;
    andddd...i agree with the pet thing. i think its totally understandable about the whole biting thing; you just need to make sure you find a good home for them even after that? ya know

  3. Love, love, love this post CMae. And you are looking fab, as always. You didn't even need that reminder! :)

    1. Thank you! I still haven't "Lost" my honeymoon 4lbs weight gain but I appreciate the compliment!

  4. Hi, i just found your blog at Erin's link up.
    I am glad i wasn't the only one who had a hard time getting closer to god after my parents passed. your post made me feel a lot better. thanks!

    P.S totally agree about the books and movies!

    1. Jennifer-
      It took me from 1995 till recently for me to "get over" being angry with God. Everyone heals in their own time. I am just so glad I got my head out of my ass so to speak and realizing that God is NOT the bad guy. Ultimately my hate was the bad guy and ate me alive...

    2. I totally understand, i was 16 when they both passed 3 months apart and i was very angry at god. I think it's a hard time being a teenager then, losing the most important people of your life makes things worst. I always felt like i was cheated. But i understand now 10 years later. Everytime i got to mass i feel like crying, i get so emocional. I'm always a mess, its a work in progress i guess.

  5. You do seem soooo happy and joyful being married and its inspiring! Love all of your beliefs!

  6. I have been trying to hold out on watching Water for Elephants until I get a chance to read the book! You just don't get the same emotional connection with a movie as you do with the book.

  7. I totally agree - you should always read the book before the movie! I was just talking with a friend this week about the Nicholas Sparks book - The Last Song... the one with Miley Cyrus. He wrote the screenplay before he wrote the book, and just knowing that kind of made the book seem pointless!

  8. Love this!

    I totally agree about the children and pets belief, every time I read a post from Kristen about it I just wanna say "preach it sista"!!

  9. So many good points in this post!!!!


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