18 September 2012

Yard Love

Aspen has never known what it's like to have "Freedom" of the leash since we have always lived in a condo or apartment. Now that we are home owners, she is learning to run around off leash and enjoy playing fetch without her leash getting in the way!

I took this video Sunday morning. Her little morning spurts of energy have been great to wear her out for the day!

The "Stuff" basket is new--via Target! It was too cute not to get to put all of her squeaker toys in!

It's been FOREVER since I've hosted a tail wagging tuesday, should I get it up and running for next week? 



  1. how sweet! my dogs love to run like crazy in the backyard.. mainly chasing one another! i totally understand living in a condo and using a leash, but my boyfriend's parents have a fenced in backyard and STILL put their lab on a leash to go potty. like wtf. she's A DOG... she can go on her own! poor pup.

    1. We don't leash her in the backyard, however, we still walk her twice a day to get her to "go" #2 bec she still doesn't register to go potty just being let "out back" off leash so to speak.

  2. Adorable! She is such a pretty girl. Love the new toy basket too!

  3. Aspen is so darn cute!! I love her running for the ball...her and Ernie would get along nicely :-)

  4. Oh, Aspen is so sweet! She's going to absolutely love having a yard to run around in! That's one spoiled pup!

  5. Awww she looks so cute out on her own! Love it!

  6. i would love if you started up tail wagging tuesday all over again i really enjoyed them last year when i participated.

  7. Yes to Tail wagging Tuesdays : ) whoop whoop!


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