03 September 2012

Art Room Happenings: Beginning of the year!

 3rd grade's first art project of the year, I incorporated a wee bit of the language arts into their lesson as our school district is all about "this year". (Every year they add something else they want us to "incorporate" in with our art curriculum. Luckily I already read a ton to my students, and they often make art off books I read to them! 

Their first assignment was to draw a self portrait and list 3 goals they had for the year. At first, this was NOT a hit with my kiddos. In fact, many asked why they had to do "writing" in art class. I felt so bad! I definitely don't want them to have to write when they do so much of it in class as it was! 

My newly first graders (formerly my baby kinders) have matured so much! I was so excited to not only have them in the beginning of the day, but to see how much progress each of them have made with their staying in their seats, following the rules etc etc 

We read the story, "The Little Panda" and students created geometric pandas. It was a fun lesson!



  1. Very cute! Looks like your school year is off to a great start. :)

  2. ahh I love it! Those pandas are so cool! How annoying that they keep adding more for you- but I must say, your ideas are really good! I love that you read to them, too- I'm sure your class is one that they look forward to!

  3. LOVE the self portraits! I am going to borrow that idea for my kids! :) I think it will be less intimidating too, then having to draw their whole face!! what a cute idea!

  4. those self portraits are soooo cool!


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