26 September 2012

Sean's The Word...

ABC officially announced that Sean Lowe is our next Bachelor! Y'all know how I was goo goo gah gah for this guy! Filming has already began, and it won't air till January 2013! 

Hope he finds his match! 

In other TV news....

I cannot wait till Sunday!!!! Feels like FOREVER since I saw the last episode of REVENGE!!

Also got word that Hart of Dixie will be back on TUESDAY a new night starting on October 2nd!

Love me some Rachel Bilson!

In other "news" 

It was the first time in SEVEN years I've ever had one of THESE in my house...

Thank GOD my husband was home so when I came downstairs at 5:30 AM and started screaming, he was there to help! 

Yes, I live in AZ. Yes, scorpions are common. But, NOT IN MY HOUSE they aren't! I've NEVER lived somewhere in the last 7 years where I had one get in so to speak. Now I'm totally freaked and paranoid because well this critter was INCHES from Aspen! How my sweet little Lovie didn't see it or get up to investigate it is BEYOND me. I have no idea how much venom these guys carry and what I would of had to do had she gotten stung. 

I tried to get her to sleep upstairs with the hubs and I, but it's just still to warm and she prefers sleeping on the cool kitchen floor. 

Thus, it's 1 am as I write this post because I cannot SLEEP because I was laying in bed worrying about my dog! 

Husband agreed to have our home sprayed (which most AZ people have done out here anyway) Whew! 



  1. Yuck.. How big are scorpions anyway?? I dont think I would have noticed that at 5:30 in the morning. SOO happy we dont have those in New England. We do have ticks though.. which suck also. Hope lil Aspen is ok this morning

  2. They come in all different sizes and colors LOL I just don't like critters esp the kind that can bite or sting or potentially kill your pet? Fair enough right? lol

  3. So excited for Sean to be the next Bachelor! I love Hart of Dixie too!

  4. I...would....die. And I can't say that I blame you for not being able to sleep with Aspen not being in the room with you two!

  5. Oh my! I am soo happy that Sean is the next bachelor, although I wouldn't have complained if it was Arie!

    I am looking forward to all of the same shows as you are!! My PVR is going to working in full swing this TV season!

    So happy we dont have scorpians here in Canada!!

  6. Personally I wasn't a huge fan of Sean, he was just so bland! But maybe we'll get to see a deeper side of his!

  7. We get scorpions inside too and I worry about my dog so much, she's just so tiny I know it would not end well. We get our house sprayed every three months and we still get them (and spiders!) ICK! :( Good luck! I hope little miss Aspen is okay and you got some sleep!

  8. Love Sean! Love Revenge! and LOVE Hart of Dixie! i can't wait to see what happens with the whole Zoe/Wade/George love triangle!!

    And that bug is the scariest thing i've ever seen... i would have been screaming my head off. LOL glad hubs was home to get rid of it. :)

  9. My "kids" (Bulldog, Bassett Hound and 2 Boxers) have all been stung and it didn't hurt them badly. One of my Boxers likes to pounce on them and then bark at them for stinging her (she is a little off I think). Just keep Benedryl on hand just in case. We have them also (Austin, TX) and I am religious about my monthly exterminator visit specifically for scorprions :)

  10. Yikes! Thank goodness we do not have scorpions in Missouri. Sage would eat them.

  11. Love Sean and Revenge and Hart of Dixie I live for!!!!!!!!!

  12. i can't wait for revenge and hart of dixie!! woohoo

  13. I'm also SUPER excited for Hart of Dixie to be starting up again ! :) Need a little more Dixie in my life hehe..
    Sheila xo

  14. Ohmygosh that is so scary! I didn't even think about Aspen discovering it! You might not even know what stung her if you didn't see it, ya know! Sorry.. I'm not helping.. Glad it didn't sting her! I would have been up late worried, too.

    Also, I'm PUMPED for Hart of Dixie to come back!! I love Wade and George! I dunno what she'll do!


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