12 September 2012

Art Room Happenings: Sept Art

After 4 weeks of basic procedures, practicing cutting, gluing, writing with a pencil, my kinders finally got to paint! They have been begging me to paint since the moment they walked into the art room. Many art teachers don't even touch paint till after X mas with the little guys. 
I don't agree with that theory. 

The moment I pulled the paint out, went over all the rules, the room was SILENT! Paint has such a calming effect for them. 

More to come on what their projects turned into....

 I have started this project with my 5th graders for the last 8 years of teaching! They have to make 10 intersecting lines but none of them can overlap (go through) the center line. They had to make their names in the center line, all capital letters that had to touch from the top to the bottom. You'd be amazed at how many I had to correct because they were filling in lowercase letters or their capital letters didn't touch the top and bottom line!

 I read the story "Clever Crow" to my first graders (since we are moving into fall) and the kids loved it! It's about a crow that loves to "steal" shiny things! This was a fun lesson because the kids have so many different mediums in their art! (Painting, construction paper, crayons, a 3D nest with objects)

I showed the movie trailer ( which is a minute and 30 seconds long via youtube) of Herbie Fully Loaded. The kids had NO IDEA what they were going to make. I then began a discussion on what a VW bug was? What does VW stand for? 

They got to create their own "Herbie" and the only catch was I made them design EVERYTHING out of scrap paper. It wasn't till the very end I let some add some small details with construction paper crayons! I wish I had taken more pictures of their adorable cars! I forgot! 

These owls were a real "Hoot" with my second graders. It was their first project using "recycled" paper. I had a dictionary from the 1980s donated to me and I put the pages to good use! 

I let students look at several variations of owls and they got to pick which one they wanted to draw from the sheet (add their own "spin" on their own art work of course) 

They sharpied, then used markers to color their owls. The second time they came to art, we talked about what a "Frame" or border was. Students created 2 frames around their owls. 



  1. Love all the ART!! I am so impressed at how efficient your kids are! I feel like we never finish projects and they just drag on- do you see your classes more than once a week?

    1. We are on a Six Day rotation schedule which means I see them about twice a week...

    2. that would be great! having a whole week in between doesn't help much with retention. if only Art class was seen as important in MD!

  2. I always love your art projects. What a fun job (although you have to be very patient to deal with all of those kiddos)!

  3. You are so talented! I WISH you worked at my school! They are lucky to have you.

  4. great ideas! the owls are my favorite. and gosh, you definitely know how to put some creative spins on art projects! can you be my art teacher please?
    you're actually giving me some ideas as i have been teaching children's church at my church and it's been a challenge trying to find crafts every week! thanks for the inspiration, i am definitely following your blog!
    hope you have a great week!


  5. Would you mind sharing where you found the owl photocopy sheet? Love the look of the markers on the dictionary paper.

  6. Would you mind sharing where you found the owl drawing reference sheet?

    1. Sarah- Hopefully you check back to my blog as when I clicked on your name it said no reply for an email! :( :( The owl reference sheet was something I found on Pinterest. If you click on my pinterest icon on the right side of my blog, under teach it art, I pinned the sheet from somewhere on the internet.


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