10 September 2012

Reynolds and Lively married?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively said “I do” over the weekend and twitter was blowing up about it!

Let's go over some stats here about these two

She's 25

He's 35

Do the math people 

He's been engaged, married, divorced now married again!

Her Love life:
Lively dated actor Penn Badgley from late 2007 to mid-September 2010.[30][31][32] Lively was in a relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio from mid-May[33][34] until October 2011.[35] Lively began dating her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds in October 2011.[36] In June 2012, she and Reynolds purchased a cottage in Bedford, New York for $2 million.[
*taken from wikipedia 

His love life:
Dated and was engaged to Alanis Morissette for 5 years! 

Didn't work out

Quickly moved on to Scarlett Johansson (age: 28)

 and was only married to her for 3 yrs

He was very off and on with Sandra Bullock, but never "confirmed" as a couple.

Enter Blake Lively. 
2011- current wife.

I think Ryan Reynolds is a terrific actor. But clearly the man knows NOTHING about what marriage and FOREVER and vows mean/represent. 

I hate when celebs make a mockery of the institution of marriage. 

They chose to wed at the famous "THE NOTEBOOK" plantation 
Located eight miles from downtown Charleston, Boone Hall Plantation is one of America’s oldest working plantations, growing and producing crops for more than 320 years. It’s also a popular wedding spot. While the main house, which dates back to the early 20th century, is off-limits for weddings, there are several other places on the premises where couples can exchange vows. 

Oh the irony. 

Did any of you also know that Blake dated Gosling in 2010? Yep it's true! 

I give it 3 yrs tops...seems to be Ryan's record thus far for staying married! He likes em young! 

What y'all think?



  1. I heard about this last night and was shocked. You are being way too kind giving them 3 years of wedded bliss. I guess we'll just wait and see :)

  2. i like them as a couple, but i'm still shocked they're married!

  3. I was so shocked that they tied the knot!!! The age difference and those stats are definitely against them, but I can't help but love them both! We shall see... :)

  4. this post made me absolutely LOL.AGREED--to everything!

  5. I agree with celebs making a mockery of marriage. It almost seems like because they do it everyone else thinks it's okay.

  6. Nothing wrong with that age difference :)

    1. Oh Hailey girl I now know you and your man are 10 yrs apart, this was not geared at you or anyone that has married someone with that same age difference so I hope you aren't mad at me! I just poke fun and mock celebs just because every day on the news they all seem to be married for a year or two then divorce...they treat marriage just like a joke..anyway

  7. I wish them the best of luck. Must be so hard beginning a marriage with so many people openly passing judgement :(

  8. i think i know exactly where to go when juicy stories hit twitter :)

  9. i def have mixed feelings on this. of course i love both of them but so many celebrities like you said just get divorced and act like marriage ISNT forever like you said. hopefully this will be okay for him.

  10. haha thanks for this post, i had NO idea they got hitched! i doubt its going to last... most hollywood marriages don't.

  11. I had NO idea they were even engaged! lol! I agree with you though, I won't give it more than like 4 years.

  12. Not passing judgement (because I love you and your blog - even if I dont know you), but I think you may be super sensitive to people easily marrying because you recently put a ton of thought and time into your recent marriage and the relationship building up to it. Its sad that this newly married couple has so many people assuming the worst upon them, where as newly married non-celebrity couples are provided with best wishes. Beyond assuming that their marriage will fail (yes, statistics show that hollywood marriages tend to fail sooner than others, where as normal couples also have a 50% divorce rate, but its not mentioned when they get married) perhaps you should just wish, or pray, that they have the strength to live through all the negative comments they will receive over the next week. Maybe they can start a new hollywood trend and create a loving and lasting marriage and prove us all wrong... Maybe we can just say 'congratulations to the most beautiful couple, ever.' They, after all, have spend a year trying to build a relationship out of the public eye, unlike those typical divorce prove celebrities, who, yes, divorce after 76 days. Perhaps they are different and deserve different treatment.

    1. Shelley- I pick on celebs and get snarky about it bec I don't like that they make marriage a joke. They make divorce look like it's okay when it's not. They chose their career and all that comes along with being famous, as I chose my career and all that it entails. Look at what Kim K. did with her scam of a marriage.

    2. I get it. I suppose, by entering an agreement for millions to act in a movie/sing/dance/etc you are also accepting the 'celebrity' that comes along with it - good and bad. You're right, Kim K totally made a mockery of the institution of marriage. ABSOLUTELY! But does her poor excuse for a trashy existence (I feel I can say that, because I do play into the K branding - at least, I occasionally watch the show *holding head in shame*) justify that we all generalize 'celebrities unions' based off a few irresponsible ones? Possibly..

      Sorry, as you were, I was feeling a bit snarky as well - yet I dont have a blog to lay it all out there. I didn't mean for this to be attacking what you said. The thought popped into my head of 'how long will this last...' and I got annoyed at myself for assuming the worst. I mean, they have as much of a chance of succeeding in their marriage as I do, or you do... right? If the American divorce statistics are correct, lets just assume ryan and blake and brian austin green and Megan fox will divorce, but both of our marriages will work out... :)

  13. I do like them together...and said Ryan is off the market (even though we're both married). Hoping for the best for them. Damn, he is hot! haha

  14. I always go to that plantation when I come in each summer to visit :) It never gets old... I hope someday I can have a love as those too did in the movie "Notebook" However I do agree I hate how they do not seem to want to cherish their wedding vows & instead seem to always screw it up & seem to think no big deal...


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