30 April 2013

Did you know...

I have to start this post by saying that my views on here are solely my opinion and thoughts and beliefs. You do not have to agree or believe anything that I am sharing on here, but please know it's all over the news and internet that this ingredient that I'm about to talk about, does in fact have ties and links to causing cancer and other harmful things to our body.

Deodorant.  We all use it. I remember using my first teen speed stick or something like that it was once called! I think I've tried just about every deodorant out there since it's so dang hot in AZ, causing us folks to sweat way easier and quicker than most other people in other states.

I was currently wearing Secret, until an article crossed my eye, followed by an Ah-Hah moment when I realized this is what my husband was talking about two years ago. I remembered him being ultra selective when he was picking out his own deodorant at the grocery store. 

Rather than re type the whole article on why Aluminum is dangerous I'd rather you click the link

------>  here  and read it for yourself! :) 

Why am I switching???

My mom died of breast cancer. So anything that we as human beings can prevent, then I am going to do my best to take action on my part to not do anything to cause it. Same reasons why I don't drink soda, and why I gave up tanning beds. 

I hear everyday the line of, "Anything today pretty much causes cancer." Yes, this is true. HOWEVER, if you know that there are in fact really simple things we can do to PREVENT from getting it, then I'm going to do everything I can to protect myself or loved ones from these bad things. 

So after spending 2 hours of RESEARCHING and reading reviews on aluminum free deodorants, I decided to purchase this one


There were other options, but this one had the most positive reviews of lasting a long time. I honestly think reviews for products are always going to be all over the place since no two people are exactly the same when it comes to their body's "Odors" and such.

What do you all use? have you checked you label to see if Aluminum is in it? 


28 April 2013

Movie Review!

On Friday, I saw the movie, "Big Wedding" which has a jam packed super star cast in it.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 12.14.39 PM
The movie was cute,
but nothing we haven't seen before.

Anyone recall the movie, "The Wedding Date?"

Same exact type of dysfunctional family. They even played the same Michael Buble' song in both movies. Weird right? 

All in all, I'd say rent it don't go see it! :) 


22 April 2013

For Sale!

In case you missed it on instagram, I am selling these two dresses! 

This dress is from Page6 Boutique Size M. I got the last dress and the ladies in the shop told me that the smalls ran really small and it was best to get the Medium anyway! 
Asking $35.00

Asking $40.00 
This dress is from ASOS and I only wore it to my friend's bridal shower as shown in the picture. Dress is size 6. I usually wear all size 4 (or size small unless I'm told smalls run really small) But with ASOS I've found the 4s tend to be really tight along the hip area, so I actually returned the 4 and got the 6 which fit just fine (as you can see in the picture)

I accept paypal, so email or comment below if interested!


18 April 2013

The Call

I totally forgot to blog about seeing the movie, "The Call" starring Halle Berry.


Little child star Abigail Breslin is all grown up! 

The movie was a good "thriller" in a non chainsaw gore type way. :) I liked it! Anyone else see it? 


17 April 2013

All in the family

er...the Bachelor Family that is...

Wasn't it all that long ago AshLee was heartbroken over Sean and what do ya know, she's landed her self Emily Maynard's ex fiance' Brad! :)

you can read more about the article here!


16 April 2013

A Positive Thought

I tweeted this yesterday

"Don't forget about the good humans that are still on this planet. Even on the worst day you still must see hope for great things. "

That is all. Prayers for the Boston Bombing. 

15 April 2013

Book Review!


I just finished last night this great read called "When Summer Ends". This book was very similar to "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover in regards to the whole forbidden teacher student love affair. 

This book had no slow parts (yay!) and I was never bored with it! 
I really liked the book! Check out the synopsis on Goodreads if interested! 


08 April 2013

Celebrity Gossip

I absolutely LOVED watching the ACM awards last night. I have to say that by far, all the country music award shows on TV BLOW ME AWAY with their classy attitudes and how much they thank each other and their fans for their awards. I RARELY hear that on the Grammys or academy award shows!

It was so frustrating that didn't air till after the east coast had already watched it! 

I know everyone loves to bag on Taylor Swift, but girlfriend has an amazing duet out right now with Tim McGraw and I absolutely loved seeing them sing together. The fact that Keith Urban jammed on his guitar to the song on stage with them was amazing! 

Here's the song if you haven't heard it! I love it!



I always think Taylor looks gorgeous in all her dresses. Here's how she looked last night.


I will admit, I don't find her a true country artist, but you have to hand it to the gal, she makes $$ and sells hit records and for that, people just love to hate on her. I think she's smart. There will always be heartbreaks to sing about when you're her age so I say ride the wave till you can't anymore! 

Carrie looked gorgeous too! I was sad that she didn't win as much as I thought she would of. 


In other celebrity news....

I had no idea that these two were dating!!! Did anyone else?


Roberto Martinez Jr and former Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood! If you've followed me for a while you know I ADORE Sara Jean. She's so gorgeous! 
Apparently it's so serious she (sara jean underwood) just moved all the way to San Diego to be with him! All the evidence is on twitter! They tweet to each other a lot and pictures as proof! I think it's cute that she refers to him as her "latin lover" haha :) 


07 April 2013

Sunday Tune

I don't even know where I heard this song, but I love listening to it!

Landon Austin "Once in a lifetime"


06 April 2013

Make up Make up Make up

It's been two years since I've "updated" my makeup routine/look. Sadly, I am really kicking myself for all my younger days of being in my early twenties when I was young and stupid for all the tanning I did. I have had so many sun spots and vessels appear now that I'm thirty, and good old just plain powder foundation doesn't seem to be enough coverage anymore.

I have been a loyal fan of Two Faced make up products, and have not liked anything by them which in my book is great!

I have been following this lovely lady (Casey Holmes) on instagram and twitter and youtube and I just love all her make up looks. She has the same skin tone as me, which has really helped with trying new techniques out with make up! (If you are interested in following her click on her video all her "follow" stuff is on her page on there)

Along with new make up of course comes new brushes. I wasn't really surprised at how expensive make up brushes are considering how expensive PAINT brushes are for my classroom for my kiddos they are pretty much around the same price! eep!

Casey also recommended the lotion pictured on my instagram photo shown above and I have to gush at how dang good it smells! So far my skin feels pretty good not dry at all!

I'll have to keep y'all posted on how it's working out!

Earlier this week (or two ago) I posted about the bobbi brown gel eye liner. I ended up returning it. Wasn't staying "black" so to speak.

I've been currently using the NYX Curve Liner and this stuff stays on which is great. Takes a few hard make up remover wipes to get it off!

I also recently tried a shampoo Casey recommended just drug store brand called "clear".
Female-Line-Up NEW 3.26

I'm not really "sold" on this one. Doesn't seem to do much for me. This means I usually pawn the stuff off to my husband to finish off for me haha :) 

I am a huge fan of the new line by Loreal shampoo and the Suave with Keratin. Those are definitely my top 2 favorite drugstore shampoos. 

I've also read a few bloggers liking the scent "Happy Heart" by Clinique. But this one scent just makes me think of being 15 again and wearing their first "happy" scent as a perfume. Just isn't me anymore haha
I also smelled the Jimmy Choo perfume which is quite yummy and the new Coach one called Love, Coach. that one was pretty decent too.

I also really like the Flower Bomb smell by Viktor Rolf

Are there any new scents that you are loving out there that I missed?


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