06 April 2013

Make up Make up Make up

It's been two years since I've "updated" my makeup routine/look. Sadly, I am really kicking myself for all my younger days of being in my early twenties when I was young and stupid for all the tanning I did. I have had so many sun spots and vessels appear now that I'm thirty, and good old just plain powder foundation doesn't seem to be enough coverage anymore.

I have been a loyal fan of Two Faced make up products, and have not liked anything by them which in my book is great!

I have been following this lovely lady (Casey Holmes) on instagram and twitter and youtube and I just love all her make up looks. She has the same skin tone as me, which has really helped with trying new techniques out with make up! (If you are interested in following her click on her video all her "follow" stuff is on her page on there)

Along with new make up of course comes new brushes. I wasn't really surprised at how expensive make up brushes are considering how expensive PAINT brushes are for my classroom for my kiddos they are pretty much around the same price! eep!

Casey also recommended the lotion pictured on my instagram photo shown above and I have to gush at how dang good it smells! So far my skin feels pretty good not dry at all!

I'll have to keep y'all posted on how it's working out!

Earlier this week (or two ago) I posted about the bobbi brown gel eye liner. I ended up returning it. Wasn't staying "black" so to speak.

I've been currently using the NYX Curve Liner and this stuff stays on which is great. Takes a few hard make up remover wipes to get it off!

I also recently tried a shampoo Casey recommended just drug store brand called "clear".
Female-Line-Up NEW 3.26

I'm not really "sold" on this one. Doesn't seem to do much for me. This means I usually pawn the stuff off to my husband to finish off for me haha :) 

I am a huge fan of the new line by Loreal shampoo and the Suave with Keratin. Those are definitely my top 2 favorite drugstore shampoos. 

I've also read a few bloggers liking the scent "Happy Heart" by Clinique. But this one scent just makes me think of being 15 again and wearing their first "happy" scent as a perfume. Just isn't me anymore haha
I also smelled the Jimmy Choo perfume which is quite yummy and the new Coach one called Love, Coach. that one was pretty decent too.

I also really like the Flower Bomb smell by Viktor Rolf

Are there any new scents that you are loving out there that I missed?



  1. I've been wanting to try the Makeup Forever foundation, I just have to get myself to the mall to pick it up. Like you, I have had way too much exposure to the sun without protection and now that I'm in my late 30's you can definitely tell from my skin. Ugh. I'm interested to see how you like the Makeup Forever stuff!

  2. I'm kicking myself for all the tanning too! So, so awful!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and am a teacher too- seventh grade science. Love your posts!

    I am recently loving Kate Walsh - boyfriend. More spicy than what I normally wear- Miss Dior Cherie, but it's a fun new one to mix in there. I'm getting married in June and read a couple places a fun "tradition" to try is to buy a special perfume just for your wedding day, honeymoon and first month of marriage and then only wear it on special occasions from then on, to trigger the "scent memory" I guess of the marriage and those super happy honeymoon and newlywed memories- so I bought Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana for that (it can be my something blue ;) plus smells delish!)

  4. over the years, i've found myself wearing the same old perfumes time and time again. occasionally, i'll add a new one. here's my list:
    Coco de Mademoiselle
    Angel by Thierry Mugler

  5. I just started using the make up forever foundation after watching a YouTube video of someone's routine. I absolutely love it! I hope you end up liking it!

  6. i've been wanting to try the suave keratin line, but i'm afraid of suave shampoos bc my hair dresser told me they're harsh and strip the color from your hair! eeek


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