08 April 2013

Celebrity Gossip

I absolutely LOVED watching the ACM awards last night. I have to say that by far, all the country music award shows on TV BLOW ME AWAY with their classy attitudes and how much they thank each other and their fans for their awards. I RARELY hear that on the Grammys or academy award shows!

It was so frustrating that didn't air till after the east coast had already watched it! 

I know everyone loves to bag on Taylor Swift, but girlfriend has an amazing duet out right now with Tim McGraw and I absolutely loved seeing them sing together. The fact that Keith Urban jammed on his guitar to the song on stage with them was amazing! 

Here's the song if you haven't heard it! I love it!



I always think Taylor looks gorgeous in all her dresses. Here's how she looked last night.


I will admit, I don't find her a true country artist, but you have to hand it to the gal, she makes $$ and sells hit records and for that, people just love to hate on her. I think she's smart. There will always be heartbreaks to sing about when you're her age so I say ride the wave till you can't anymore! 

Carrie looked gorgeous too! I was sad that she didn't win as much as I thought she would of. 


In other celebrity news....

I had no idea that these two were dating!!! Did anyone else?


Roberto Martinez Jr and former Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood! If you've followed me for a while you know I ADORE Sara Jean. She's so gorgeous! 
Apparently it's so serious she (sara jean underwood) just moved all the way to San Diego to be with him! All the evidence is on twitter! They tweet to each other a lot and pictures as proof! I think it's cute that she refers to him as her "latin lover" haha :) 



  1. I loved the awards...saw the comments about several artists but even if they're awkward, they're human and I love their songs for the most part! Kelly Clarkson was probably my fav of the night behind The Band Perry. Totally thought they brought it!

  2. I loved watching the ACM Awards as well. I loved that Blake & Luke was hosting together! I love those men...

  3. i haven't watched the awards yet, the hubs and i recorded it to watch later this week

  4. Seriously the ACM's are the best award show... Those county stars keep things way classier. I gotta say, I don't mind Taylor swift but I keep it to myself typically :)

  5. i was so happy that keith played with them! i love the song, but did you watch taylor dancing in the background?! i was so uncomfortable the entire time!!

  6. I saw a picture of Kiptyn out on a date with another playmate too!

  7. I don't know who Sara Jean is, but I think the two of you look alike! Both amazingly gorgeous ;)

  8. I loved the duet with Taylor and Tim as well - people love to hate her, but you're right - the girl sells out arenas all over the world!


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