06 August 2015

Soap & Glory

So I'm a little ticked off that my one and only body lotion I use religiously, is no longer being carried at Sephora due to "low product sales." (That's what the sales girl told me.) I thought my tounge was going to hit the floor as I stared at the girl in shock. Back in Arizona, they couldn't keep this lotion in stock fast enough and now they are saying it wasn't selling? What the?!?

Thank you Amazon, I seem to find just about everything on there these days. So long as they don't ever discontinue this lotion, I don't mind buying it via Amazon! :) Prime = Free 2 day ship which is something Sephora never offered unless you spent over 100 dollars. (COME ON what a joke!) 

03 August 2015

When you don't watch one season of the Bachelorette...

last season of The Bachelorette featuring Kaityn B. was the first time I've not watched a whole season of the show. When I had learned that she slept with people on the show and it was heavily discussed, and they brought back the douchebag Nick from a previous season, I just immediately became uninterested. 

Skipping this whole season lead to me asking this important question last night:

Who are these guys? Lot of newbies who I didn't recognize because they were all from this past season of the Bachelorette!

So starting from the top there is a guy named Jared who a lot of girls think is is totally fine (um no) haha
then someone named JJ and Tanner and Jonathan. 

Apparently you miss all of this when you skip a season! 

As for the ladies....

I am team Tenley all the way. She's always been a favorite of mine. Why Jake picked Vienna over her I'm not sure any of America will ever understand!

I also am happy to see Carly from Chris Soule's season, although I wish someone would help the poor girl with her dang eyebrows. They were so dark and colored wrong it was all I could stare at when looking at her last night on TV! haha 

Anyone else tune in? 

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