30 September 2011

Art Overload!

Oh my word. 
I feel like I haven't blogged in a lifetime! (Ha. seriously it's been like 2 days but I have felt really out of the loop since I haven't had time to even read one single blog till tonight!)

So without further adieu, here is what I have been up to! Er..my students that is. I just teach it to them. They do the creating! 

Disney. I haven't taught this project since my first year of teaching! Oy! Seven years ago you say!?! Yep! Students learned about how Disney movies were actually created by hand painted cells. With the use of an overhead transparency, we were able to create our version on them! They also learned about COPYRIGHT and why disney's name is on the front! :) 
My after school art kids grades 4,5, and 6 made these!

2nd grade made Fall Scarecrows. Aren't they just so lovely with those black crows?

Another lesson I haven't taught in a while. 4th grade made Gustav Klimt inspired Quilts. They looked at the painting called "Baby" and went to town! This lesson came out of an art book I own. 

Radial Symmetry

Where do I begin with this project. Ended up being way harder than it should of been. My art classroom doesn't have windows, to that created a problem with tracing the paper. I finally remembered I had carbon paper, so that set us back a good week. My 5th graders have really needed me to hold their hand through this. I fear they may be like this all year! :( 
As you can see, some did the project perfectly, others, eh well they tried their best.

 6th grade had to draw their shoes. They learned the term realism, and I made this a 2 part lesson. The first part was drawing their shoe, the second was a whole lesson on Tint, Tone, and Shade. I even gave them a seven question test at the end to see what they retained!!!

1st grade made Goldfish! This was just a simple lesson testing them on their tracing and ripping paper skills, as there are still quite a few that need to practice this!


27 September 2011

Puppy Love

Um hello bloggers. Tis I!! Aspen!!!

Mom spends wayyyyyyyy to much time on here and not enough time paying attention to me.
See this is me pouting. Stupid silver laptop that mom is always on. I just want to chew that cord up! (okay, not really, since I don't really chew anything cept my food)

Today I said NO MOM! I'm taking over and you're not blogging. Bout time I show my beautiful fur face on here anyway!

Now if y'all know what's good for you and your fur children, you'll hop on off blogger and take us for a walk or two! 

Have a Woof-tacular Tuesday!

Wet Nose, Warm Heart,


26 September 2011

Don't Plank!


If you haven't heard of it, or seen pictures, then you must live under a rock!

Then I saw this. And it pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole planking craze.


24 September 2011

Music Blurbs

I very rarely buy cds anymore. Like never. In today's world, everything is just one click/download away rather than an actual trip to the store.


I do have those FEW select artists that every album they put out, I do buy the actual cd. They are like my go to artists. People I NEVER tire listening to. There album can be 4,5,6, years old and I still jam out to their former hits.

So who are these select few that I actually fork over the 10 bucks for?

 I cannot say enough good things about Dave Matthews Band. I'm 29. I know every generation grows up with a specific band/group duo whatever. 
For me, and the people who grew up in the midwest, Dave Matthews was HUGE.
I actually have their fire dancer/dancing Nancy as some people call it, logo on the back of my car. (and I HATE car stickers!!!) 

Every time a new album would come out, I'd claim that one was my favorite. The last one, Big Wiskey and the Gru Grux King has of course claimed my top spot of current fave album.

In High School, I would of said "under the table and dreaming" was the "IT" album!!! 

It's a funny thing. I never pictured myself loving her music so much. I'm not a beyonce' girl at all. I love Alicia's sound. She's not really so pop sounding. Her music and songs are so heartfelt. 
If you were to sit in my car, you'd see all her cds in my cd case! :) 

Why so many love to hate him, I mean I get it. He's kinda a  douche bag to women he dates. 


He isn't in trouble with the law. He doesn't do drugs.
He makes music that truly moves me. I have adored every album he's put out.
I'd say there were quite a few songs that help me through break ups. 

He's a 10 in my book!!

So tell me, if you had to narrow it down to your top 5, who are your go to albums? The ones YOU actually buy and not just download one or 2 songs off of? 


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