20 September 2011

Art Stuff a lil of this and that

My  sixth graders are speedy workers (for the most part)
So to slow them down a bit, before they got to jump right into painting their backgrounds, I had them do an exercise of mixing white and black paint with red.
The whole point was them to learn the difference of a Tint of Color and and a Shade of color. 

1st graders read "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle 
(are you figuring out I teach a lot of art projects on this guy?!?) haha

I love that the book is so repetitive. The kids end up reading it to me because of the same lines being said over and over again. It's great! 

Sorry if this was a light post, I recently started After School Academy (basically "Art Club") so I've been tired when I do finally get home, give oodles of attention to Fur baby Aspen then catch up on everyone's blog posts for the day! 



  1. I wouldn't call it light! It's inspiring : ) ..

  2. Oh, the things I would do to go back to sixth grade art class. I seriously considered minoring in Art, just so I could paint like these kiddos. You have such a fun career!

    Let It Be.

  3. I love when you post about school stuff! Such fun! I have rewarding days at work, but I bet not as rewarding as yours, friend. :)


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