07 September 2011

Product Review C Mae Style

I've been meaning to blog about these products that I am NOT so crazy about for like the past year, but never got around to it till this incredibly boring saturday lol (It's been filled with non stop  college opener football games on TV so what better time to blog than now about them?)

I am for sure the biggest hair snob you'll ever meet. I am SUPER picky about everything having to do with the hair on my head. If there is one area of consumer waste I contribute to or am guilty of, it's wasting money on freakin Shampoo/Conditioner.

All last year, people raved about Pureology hair care.

I was like...hmmmmm 
Okay I'll try it out.

Why people think this is a good shampoo:
Pureology formulas are 100% vegan and sulfate-free, and guaranteed to keep your color lasting longer. As seen in VOGUE, O Magazine, Redbook and Allure.

Um yeah SUCH A SCAM. 
They are sulfate free, which means they don't Lather up like normal shampoo, so I had to keep telling myself that every time I washed my hair with them.

My Hair didn't feel any more moisturized or restored with this shampoo. In fact it felt worse! The conditioner has no moisture in it! 

This is one salon hair care line I say SKIP!!!!

Next up:
The infamous Moroccan Oil 

Again, I saw NO CHANGE with using this shampoo. I rank it with like using Suave Shampoo. 

A V E R A G E 

The Oil which costs an arm and leg SUCKS!!! I went through the whole bottle forcing myself to use it up since it costs so much!

You want soft hair, I recommend these
Farouk Repair and Shine Serum


Farouk Sunglitz Treatment 


Farouk is obviously a salon name, not drug store brand, so you have to more than likely get these online as I do. 

To use: A small amount no bigger than a Quarter, rub in damp hair before you blowdry or air dry your hair! 

Since I've tried every shampoo out there, these are the ones I rotate in my shower:

Shocked to see an el cheapo shampoo listed? My hair totally responds well to Herbal Essenses Hello Hydration like it's new shampoo every time I wash it in it! 

Now moving on from hair....

Recently Megan
This is Megan (isn't she the cutest thing ever!?!)

 over at My Two Cents Before I Spend it, blogged about this nail polish quick dry stuff by Sally Hanson.


She ain't lying.

The stuff totally dries in sixty seconds and not a smudge or anything since I've applied it!

A long while back, somewhere in blog world I had read to try Essie's Quick dry drops. 

Don't spend money on this!!!! The Sally Hanson Product blows this way out of the water!!!!! I Promise!!!

Thank you Megan for recommending a TRUELY Fast nail drying product WITH SHINE! 

Okay so Why did I go buy this nail stuff? 

Stupid Pinterest I blame YOU! LOL this picture anyway..

I saw this and was like OH my word I have to do this!!! This is SO me!!

Mine turned out great thanks to Megan's recommendation/review of a great top coat !

My picture isn't as pretty as this via a cell phone and I had to take it with my other hand which is hard to do when you are photographing your other hand! haha

I only did 2 coats of the color. 



  1. I agree with you about Pureology. About 3 years ago my stylist recommended it...no thanks! I always felt like my hair wasn't clean enough! Sometimes it seems like store bought brands are better than expensive salon brands!

  2. LOVE this post and will be picking up those shampoo brands, because I HATED Pureology. I got the ones in the blue bottle, and I'm fairly certain my hair was more greasy when I got OUT of the shower than when I got in!!

    You should try Seche Vite quick dry top coat... It's pretty much the best top coat on planet earth. And it dries before you can finish all 10 fingers, or toes!

  3. I LOVE this post! I'm a hair product snob too and have found Herbal Essenses to work well for me too. Thanks so much for sharing all of this!

  4. Thanks for the reviews! Now I know I shouldnt buy the Moroccan Oil everyone has been raving about!

  5. thank you for posting all this cmae;
    it was helpful
    i also like hello hydration;;
    and i NEED to try that sally hansen nail stuff;
    i have no patience when painting my nails;

  6. Agreed!!! Pureology is NOT worth the month. So expensive for crap! But I swear by bioloage shampoo. It is the best thing that ever happened to my hair. I will never again buy cheapo shampoos like herbal essance!

  7. I love Herbal Essences Shampoo! The Hello Hydration is usually what I get! It's magic :) Happy Wednesday!

  8. hmm I may have to try the hello hydration next time! I've used the other 2 you love, and love them as well :)

    I'm sad about the moroccan oil after hearing everyone else rave about it. PS-How did you do the glitter part of your nails? looks so cute!

  9. I hated Purology too! I'm so glad one other person on this planet doesn't like it as well. I seriously don't understand the hype at all. It left my hair so rough where I struggled to comb through it. I now stick to my drug store brands.

  10. I cannot wait to try the Farouk recommendations and the Herbal Essences! I am like you ... a hair product hoarder! It's so terrible... but so fun at the same time! The next time you do a review you should try out L'Anza Healing Strength... I just began to use it and it has worked WONDERS on my hair. It's pricy but worth it!

    XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  11. I'm a big fan of those same shampoos! I love the Herbal Essences since it's nicer on my wallet, but the rest aren't too bad when Ulta has a shampoo sale.

    My latest shampoo favorite is the Yes to Carrots brand. I decided to try it on a whim and I'm so glad I did. Usually by the time I finish a bottle of shampoo, my hair starts getting flat and greasy really fast. Not so with this one.

  12. This is really interesting, because I actually really love Pureology's products... and you mentioned that it doesn't lather well. Do you happen to have hard water? Ever since moving to FL a couple of months ago I've noticed how "not clean" my hair is after showering here.... and we apparently have very hard water. (our water in Denver must have been really soft). I wonder if maybe that's why you don't like the Pureology products.

    Our hard water has made me really really dislike some products that I used to like since they won't lather here. I've actually been using the "hello hydration" shampoo and conditioner by Herbal Essences, and it works pretty well with hard water. Another one that's been great is Garnier Fructic fortifying shampoo. I won't be buying expensive hair products again until we get a water softener or something! I'm going to have to try these other products that you mentioned. (:

  13. I hateeeee wasting money on expensive products... thanks for the reviews! I agree about the oil, I used up my entire bottle just because. Not worth the hype.

  14. hahaha! Love it! I agree with you about the pureology. I used the pink one and HATED it. It made my super fine, straight hair, extremely weighed down. EXTREMELY. I have to be so careful with what I use b/c my hair is so easily weighed down. Blah. I do like the moroccan oil.. but only for blondes. I tried the regular stuff and hated it. I dont know if it does much now, but it helped a lot when my hair went from blonde to brown and back again. I probably wont buy another bottle though. Lately, I've really been digging Aveda Shampure, but I used to be a die hard Biolage fan so I was glad to see it on your list of good products! :)

  15. That is funny because my mom uses Pureology and she loves it. It is one of a couple brands she uses a lot and she has beautiful great hair.

  16. I'm the exact opposite. I love Moroccan Oil and don't really like Herbal Essences. I use the oil, shampoo, and conditioner. It does wonders for my hair.

  17. I am probably by myself on this one, but I LOVE Pureology! I switch between this and Kerastase. They are both expensive, but both work really well with my hair. I use the Pureology in the purple bottle, the hydration one. Sorry you hated it so much!

  18. Have you ever used L'Oreal's Everpure line? I'm just curious to hear what you think since you've tried so many!

    I love that glittery manicure!

  19. Thanks for the advice! I;ve been wanting to try Pureology so now I'll just skip it and save the money for something else! And you're nails are so cute!

  20. Thanks for the reviews! I'll have to try that top coat! I guess different hair types need different things because the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner changed my life!!! I can now get out of the shower and blow-dry and almost go without straightening! My crazy wave-puff hair is huge without this stuff after blow drying! Haha!

  21. I literally went after work and bought that top coat, came home and changed my polish (that I just painted on Monday!) just so I could see if it worked. And IT DOES!! Thank you for posting it! Love it when someone finds new products that actually work!

  22. i am a total hair/beauty product snob too. LOVE that you did this post b/c i was SO close to buying the morroccan oil....totally trying farouk!

    oh and i grew up in the same city as megan - did not know she had a blog! crazy!

  23. This has absolutely nothing to do with your post but Sandlot was on TV today. How random is that. I immediately thought of you and almost choked. I couldn't believe such a random movie would be on like a week after our little discussion. Weeeiiird. Ps love the nails ;)

  24. I am becoming a beauty snob so this is prefect for what I should stay away from. Herbal Essences is my go to right now.

  25. I've been so busy that I'm just now catching up on blogs! Thank you for the shout out!! So glad you loved the top coat. I think it's amaze!

    Have a great weekend, girl! Xo.

  26. Aww that's too bad you hate Pureology! I think different things just work on different hair. I have to agree that I don't like Pureology's conditioner. It definietly doesn't give you any moisture. I have been LOVING The Living Proof line, that's my FAV right now. I will definitely give your recommendations a go.. I have never used Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, does it weigh hair down? I'm always concerned because I have really fine hair :) xoxo.


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