08 September 2011

Student Art 2011

Well it's the first Student Art post of the new school year!

Sixth Grade Layered First Names 
Stencils Used

Students were instructed to color "ONE WAY"
This student out of the entire 6th grade blew me away with her ability to color NEATLY and in one direction. She puts my teacher example to shame! 

 Not bad for a boy and his coloring skills in 6th, eh? 

 5th grade 
Ruler Names
A minimum of 10 intersecting lines

Students were told they have to write their name in CAPITOL letters that must touch from the top line to the bottom. You would not believe how many "didn't listen" and how I constantly had to correct them to fix this mistake! 

 4th Grade Repeating line Design around their first names.
This also seemed to be a challenge for a lot of students
Students were asked to pick a line to "Repeat" till they filled up the ENTIRE paper. 
They were instructed to keep their lines VERY CLOSE together, so only a small amount of white shows through the paper. 

 My second graders are currently working Peacocks. They learned Peacocks are the "Boy" birds, Peahens are the "Girl" birds and pea chicks are the babies! We talked about the "eyes" (the feathers) and how they look like eyes watching. This lesson also touched on some blending and shading of blue, white and black oil pastels on the body. 

The background still needs to be painted on these and a touch of glitter!



  1. Wow! I'm always so impressed by the artistic ability of kids! I love when I get my 4th graders art work to hang in my room! Their creativity blows me away!

  2. LOVE a good art post. I have the same peacock lesson in my lesson plans for this year and my kids have been doing "name art" too as kind of a warm up for the year. Good lessons :)

  3. Wow they put MY art work to shame! LOL

  4. Your students are quite the little artists! So great to see their creativity shining. I love the repeating line with their names... how cool!

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  5. when you put up student artwork, it REALLY makes me wish i was an art teacher!! or any teacher really. i love kiddos.

  6. Look at those awesome drawings!!! Those kids must have some kind of AWESOME art teacher!!!!

    Seriously, your kids have some great talent!!

  7. These are so fun! I especially love the peacock ones. So cute :)

  8. These are awesome! I love the idea of the 6th grade art - so neat :) I also love the 2nd grade peacocks, those turned out so cool!

  9. Wow, those are awesome, I may have to steal an idea!

  10. whoa - can i go back to school?! i love to color! you have some talented kiddos....especially the color-in-1-direction-kid!

  11. Your students always do such a great job!


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