24 September 2011

Music Blurbs

I very rarely buy cds anymore. Like never. In today's world, everything is just one click/download away rather than an actual trip to the store.


I do have those FEW select artists that every album they put out, I do buy the actual cd. They are like my go to artists. People I NEVER tire listening to. There album can be 4,5,6, years old and I still jam out to their former hits.

So who are these select few that I actually fork over the 10 bucks for?

 I cannot say enough good things about Dave Matthews Band. I'm 29. I know every generation grows up with a specific band/group duo whatever. 
For me, and the people who grew up in the midwest, Dave Matthews was HUGE.
I actually have their fire dancer/dancing Nancy as some people call it, logo on the back of my car. (and I HATE car stickers!!!) 

Every time a new album would come out, I'd claim that one was my favorite. The last one, Big Wiskey and the Gru Grux King has of course claimed my top spot of current fave album.

In High School, I would of said "under the table and dreaming" was the "IT" album!!! 

It's a funny thing. I never pictured myself loving her music so much. I'm not a beyonce' girl at all. I love Alicia's sound. She's not really so pop sounding. Her music and songs are so heartfelt. 
If you were to sit in my car, you'd see all her cds in my cd case! :) 

Why so many love to hate him, I mean I get it. He's kinda a  douche bag to women he dates. 


He isn't in trouble with the law. He doesn't do drugs.
He makes music that truly moves me. I have adored every album he's put out.
I'd say there were quite a few songs that help me through break ups. 

He's a 10 in my book!!

So tell me, if you had to narrow it down to your top 5, who are your go to albums? The ones YOU actually buy and not just download one or 2 songs off of? 



  1. I went to a Dave Matthews concert once while I was pregnant. It was outside and I'm positive that my baby got high in utero.

  2. Gosh, that's a hard one. I would say any album by U2 or Frank Sinatra, Blind Melon (Blind Melon), Speak Now - Taylor Swift and the Mama Mia soundtrack if that would count as an album, which it is I guess! Good Lord, I could list so many more...great question! :)

  3. Loooove DMB! Went to his concert year before last in Nashville and it was amazing! He's brilliant when it comes to lyrics and his music is so moving.

    xo, Lauren [Let It Be.]

  4. email me. I have a proposition for you. inspiredbyhappiness@yahoo.com

  5. For me it's DMB, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Michael Buble, and the Zac Brown Band. I know what you mean about listening to those albums all the way through all the time and they never get old!!!! Other than that I just download my fave song or two from an artist.

  6. love your picks! i think J-Mayer is a total scumbag in the women department but you're so right about everything else...and his voice? ugh - dead freaking sexy!

  7. My hubby and I are big DMB fans :) We've gone to a concert every summer for the past 5 or so years and were so bummed that he only toured to like 4 cities this summer...none of which were near us :(

  8. Definitely DMB! Definitely! :) Weirdly, I hated him in college. I just wasnt into it when everyone else was. But then I heard his stuff that wasn't on the radio and LOVED it! Been hooked ever since. :)

  9. I, Too love DMB. My husband and I go to their concerts every time they are in our area. In fact, last year, we went to 3 DMB concerts. We even used their song "Steady As We Go" as our first dance. It is the only band, my husband and I both absolutely love together.

  10. I like the way you formatted this post... pretty groovy.

    And, I am just like you when it comes to buying the CD of certain bands/artists. I collect vinyl records so if any new artist presses vinyl then I will buy it because I support people who still kick it with the record player and stuff. But as far as my favorite musicians that put out CD's... I always try to buy it at the store (especially when the price is right!) Haha. iTunes is innovative and awesome and all, but sometimes I want to hold my music in my hand. Sometimes I forget about the mp3's that I download because it gets all lost in the clutter of my itunes library or half of it is on my iphone and half is still on my laptop... still learning it all to be honest. Like I said, I like vinyl... this techno savvy stuff is confusing!

    Enjoyed this post. Go DMB! Peace & love.

  11. John Mayer is also one of my faves.. I could listen to his albums all the way through over and over again. There's just something about his voice and the bluesy-ness of his music. It really moves me. And I get that a lot of people hate him b/c of his dating exploits, but c'mon! he has some major musical talent, who cares about his womanizing, right?


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