23 September 2011

My Pinterest DISLIKES!

Okay how many of you have seen this image on Pinterest?

Ok. How many of you Pinned this pin?

And how many of you actually went to the actual link to really read about this so called "it really works to keep your salad from browning" comment that some idiot wrote as a caption under it?

Link is HERE

I actually clicked on the link. I was curious. How can a mason jar really keep salad from browning?

News flash. IT DOESNT.

If you go to the link, it will tell you that you have to basically vacuum all the air out!!! WTF!?! 
 The link says: My secret?? A vacuum-pack machine with a wide-mouth jar attachment.

Um so not what the idiot person wrote as the caption on this pin!

Moving on....

My second annoyance is when GIRLS yes you girls,
 keep pinning outfits that are like So not available to buy.

Case in Point:

I adore everything in this outfit. It's perfect for comfy casual teacher apparel.

The bad news? When I actually went to click on the link to buy each item guess what!?!

The sweater is from TWO years ago J Crew. 

The Steve Madden sandals are OUT OF STOCK freakin old.

The Capris I found on Ebay, but who wants only one piece of the attire?

So my point is, for girls like me, when you see a pin of an outfit, I actually go to the link expecting to buy stuff, not to find that it's all unavailable from 2-3 years ago. Why keep pinning things you can't buy anymore? To me it doesn't make sense. 

Some will say, "oh it's just a pin for inspiration."

C Mae (ME)  isn't that skilled when it comes to putting together her own outfits. Yes I am totally that girl that sees something on someone else or a mannequin and will buy the whole outfit. I am not that skilled with making up my own cutesy trending outfits. I rely on you lovely bloggers to help a girl out!!! 

This is another outfit that went around PINTEREST a lot which I know many of you pinned. Did anyone click the link to the girls blog to find out about it?

I did! Guess what. You can't get any of the items!

She lives overseas in a country where the store she got it from doesn't have online shopping or doesn't ship to the US which ever I forget. 

SO again, why are we all pinning this if it's totally unavailable to us?


Ok. I'd probably post more if I had time, but it's off to work I go.

Happy Friday loves.



  1. hahahaha! Love it! And I SO feel you. If I see something super cute, I'll re-pin the outfit, but I am usually pretttty confident it's not available anymore, especially if it's on some boutique site. I pinned a coat recently that someone had pinned.. and have been obsessed with finding it ever since. Alas, NOWHERE to be found. :( I get annoyed at the posts with DIY projects with no actual link to how to DIY! ha!

  2. I hate when things aren't available too! I'll fall in love with an outfit, some boots, a purse . . . and then it will be out of stock!

  3. I have that same problem with the clothes link, I like something go to buy the whole thing and it's old so annoying! Especially for those of us that need someone to hold our hand when we need to put something together!

  4. HAHAH WELL PUT! i am terrible at putting together outfits too!

  5. I can see your side, but I pin outfits and fashion pics all the time even if the items are unavailable because I can find similar items in my closet. maybe I have something similar that I can still recreate that look with. I don't normally buy the things I see, I just try and find similar items at less expensive places :) but that's just me!

  6. I've seriously never thought about this. I'm guilty! BUT I so see where you are coming from! I reblog stuff but then again I too go to the link and try to purchase and am so annoyed when I can't!

    Never will I ever do this again!


  7. Hahaha love this post! I feel the same way - HATE when outfits are unavailable. No fun!

  8. So true!! Thanks for saying what I wanted to say as well! :)

  9. I don't mind pinning clothing that is out of stock or unavailable. I just like to look at clothes and clothes, but I am the type of person to get inspiration from things I see and make it my own.
    However, I have seen that lettuce pin going around and have been VERY skeptical of it working. Just eat the lettuce fast and don't worry about it browning. lol
    Thanks for clarifying that it doesn't work! I'll be pinning that. lol

  10. I'm on a waiting list for Pintrest. But I can see how that can be annoying.. that yellow and grey outfit is really cute.

  11. It really bums me out with none of the clothes in an outfit picture are available :( But i just don't even bother clicking on them, i most just use it for inspiration, specially if i already have similar pieces

  12. I wonder those same flipping things. I need help planning outfits - and that's why I love pinterest- finding out I cant buy them just breaks my heart a little. Thanks for expressing my same thoughts and feeligns : )

  13. yeah, im one of those that pins for inspiration, not to purchase that exact outfit... oops! me sorry!!!

  14. Weird, I did the salad jar thing... and it totally worked. I didn't vacuum out the air or anything like that. I just put them in jars and my lettuce stayed good for almost 3 weeks. I washed it and dried it with a papertowel... but that was it.

  15. I am the one who says "oh it's just a pin for inspirations". I hardly ever click to see where the outfit is actually from. I could be the only one but thats just me. Ex- If I see a something with boots and a cute sweater with a certain kind of jewelry , I pin it so I can do something like that. Most outfits I do pin, I wouldn't even wear the exact stuff but something similar.

    Anywho, thats just my opinion :)

  16. LOL I do like this post. I never repinned that mason jar stuff mainly because our lettuce reallyh doesnt brown over here because we either use it up vbery quickly or we use spinach.

    However, I dont pin clothes in order to buy them or for other eople to buy them. I do it so that I can see what my actual style is and what clothes I am drawn to so that when I do go to the store I have a better idea of what I should be looking for :)


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