01 September 2011

An Ear For HITS

I usually have a very good ear for music. 
Like, I'll hear a song randomly somewhere, and tell Mister Wonderful THAT SONG is going to be the next big hit mark my words!

He usually doesn't think twice about what I say, then BAM!
We start hearing that song getting played MORE AND MORE AND MORE

and of course to the point where every time you turn on the radio that's all you hear on every radio station.

Song I'm referring to?

Ne-yo feat Pitbull. "Give me Everything tonight"


I was in LOVE with that song preaching to the world that song was going to be huge before anyone had really given it a listen and now it's all you year.

So today I am going to share what I think is going to be the NEXT big hit. Of course it's by Usher and Dave Guetta.

"Without You"

Enjoy it on this fine Sept 1st Thursday! 

Now you can say you heard it HERE first! Via C Mae! 



  1. I'll have to listen when I get home! LOVE Usher. :)

  2. I hadn't heard this before stopping by your page. It's a good one! :)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. happy semptember 1st! good to know you have an ear for talent :)

  4. I hadn't heard this song yet! But I love it! I love anything by Usher! Im sure it will be a hit!

  5. I'm the same way!! I love finding the next new hits. I do love the Without you song and I have been obsessed with Give me everything ever since it first came out. love it!

  6. Yeah girl! Nice song! Epic combination of artists!


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