31 August 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday And What I'm NOT Loving

I am loving this Wednesday....

This necklace I got a few weeks ago via the suggestion from Michabella :-)
You can visit the Etsy shop HERE

I love this Etsy Keychain!!!!

sadly it would be pointless (at this point in my life) to order it, since I don't have a special year yet for an anniversary, or say kids birthdays to carry around.

I am loving my first graders have finished their first project in art for the new school year! 

I am NOT Loving

That it is still 110 degrees out and I am continually coming home SOAKED in sweat from standing outside for 15 min of duty at school. UGH

I am NOT loving

That I went to replace my facial Moisturizer by Boscia and it went up in price to $44.00 all for a little 1.4  container!!!! 

I actually was so mad and vented on Twitter about it, and I got a Tweet back from Boscia explaining that it went up in price because they had increased the amount from 1.0 to 1.4. 

44 dollars for THAT LITTLE THING!??!

Then they offered me 20% off my purchase of it from their site. Well not really gonna use that since Ulta just sent their 20% off coupon yesterday via junk mail flyers.

I am not loving that 

I have called MULTIPLE Salons in my town only to find that the STARTING price of a female hair cut is FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS.

Are you shittin' me???? 

For a trim and wash/dry? 

The girl I go to is GREAT, but she lives kinda far for me to drive each time I need a trim. She charges what my old salon in Yuma charged, was is $30. 

That is FAIR and normal price to me. 50 seems OUTRAGEOUS! I mean seriously I don't know how y'all all dyers and highlighters afford your own hair...I'd be broke. I thank my lucky stars I don't have to pay for anything but a trim (thank you mama and and daddy for somehow giving me natural blonde hair even though both of y'all have brown hair!) 



  1. Love* the idea of the coin keychain!

    Hate it when something I love goes up in price. Ugh. But twitter is great for that, retailers don't want unhappy customers so they usually offer discounts. score!

    new follower :)

  2. love that necklace! 50 bucks is expensive for just a cut. I only pay 65-70 dollars for cut, color and trim. the lady I go to is pretty cheap but still does a good job.
    also, your post about Michael Jackson was Hilarious.

  3. I'm so jealous your hair is such a natural pretty color! And haircuts are so expensive. The salon I go to starts at 40.00. It is sad.

    I also love that key chain. Such a cute idea!

  4. $50 is just nuts!!!! What the hell?!

    I am so glad you love the necklace!!! I have heard many great things from a few girls I have given it or the website to! Looks beautiful :) I need to get myself one now! Lol.

    Love the sweet glasses your kiddies are wearing ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, loved the necklace so much I just bought one in GOLD! I can't wait!


    I'm freaking at 30, epecially 50!!!!

    Thank goodness I live in Podunk, Mississippi and its 20~

  7. Your kiddos are so cute!! I love their art project!

    I know - hair cut prices are crazy. I am so lucky I have been going to the same lady my whole life and she only charges me for the color and not the cut!! and its less than 90 bucks - which is unheard of!! good luck finding someone!!

  8. 110 degrees! That's rough. It's a cool 65 degrees here in Portland. I recently started dying my hair since I felt like I needed a change...Well, let's just say I already regret that decision. 190 bucks later...eek (but it does look good- lol)

    It's expensive being a girl!
    <3 raininginpdx.blogspot.com

  9. Cute necklace!!!! :) And I agree. $50!?! It's outrageous. Especially just for a trim. SOMETIMES (i.e. when I am extremely broke) I just go to the beauty schools because hair cuts there are usually $15. But it can be a little risky.. however, if they do something wrong you can tell them & a supervisor will fix it! :)

  10. I go to the cheap great clips where this lady is good and charges $12. lol. Since I don't get a whole lot done with my hair, I don't get scared to there since they usually only take off an inch or 2 at a time. I HATE SPENDING $$ on haircuts and coloring!

  11. Love love love that necklace! : ) I may need to get myself one!

  12. I really like the penny keychain that is such a cute idea and your students are adorable with their projects! Happy Wednesday!

  13. Haircuts are so ridiculous now! It's so frustrating! Do they put gold in their shampoo or something?!?!?


  14. i love that key chain too, i've had my eye on it for a while.

    you're so lucky that you don't haveto dye your hair. i have dark blond/light brown locks and told the Mr that dying my hair is an expense I'm not willing to negotiate on. LOL.

  15. I love that key chain! Girl you are so lucky to be a natural blonde--it is crazy expensive to keep up with it.

  16. $50 are you kidding me? That's crazy talk!

    Oh, and that necklace is so cute...I want it too!

  17. The coin keychain is so precious! And I love that necklace!! :)

  18. Although it's not 110 degrees here, I can sympathize with you...it's been in the 90's here and we don't have air conditioning in our school:( I'm a disgusting mess by 8:30. Thank God 4th graders don't care about sweaty pits!

  19. Love the firsties art projects :) So fun!

  20. I think $50 is crazy too! And I'm secretly envious of all the people who can afford to constantly color their hair haha!

  21. Omgosh, Yuma?!?!? Is that where you're from? I grew up there and have lived in Austin, Texas the past 5.5 years. I really miss the affordable haircuts. I'm at the salon now & haircuts here are $70!!!! Robbery!

  22. I love that keychain. Very cool.

  23. Loving that necklace! And your first graders art projects are too cute :) I definitely do NOT like too-pricy haircuts. Ugh, totally agree.

  24. So I saw you were from AZ and needed to check out your blog more! I am in AZ as well and I am absolutely not loving the heat. I AM OVER IT. I feel you. Oh and have you been to Dolce Salon and Spa? If not, you need to contact me, I love this place and it's amazing. They have so many deals etc! Anyway... new follower!


  25. I love that you are venting what you are not loving... I feel ya girl!!!
    Agree $50 for a cut is ridiculous. You need to befriend a stylist... haha.

  26. That etsy keychain is so cute. I agree with ya on the price of haircuts, it's such a ripoff. That is why I have split ends, I cannot bring myself to go get my haircut more than once a year.

  27. Love the keychain!

    There were times when I got my hair done and it was over $200, and that was just for a trim, shampoo/dry/style, all over color, and highlights. However, I've spent even more on my hair. My hair is so thick and long, so everything costs more :\

  28. Dannng, everywhere around me charges about $30-35 for a woman's cut. And I love the Boscia but honestly, it's too rich for my blood, the price tag kills me.

  29. $50 for a cut is crazy, I go to a higher end salon in my area and pay maybe $25, including tip!

  30. ordering that necklace! thanks for sharing!


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