05 August 2011

I'm a art,dog,myself, everything blogger!

True Life.

I'm a obsessed with my Pet Blogger.

But the more I think about it, I think I blog about more than just Aspen. 

New Followers here's another FYI in case you never clicked my Tabs to learn about me lol

This blog was originally just an ART blog. (Hence why you see such a huge listing of art blogs down my left column) 

I wanted to post more than just my student's art so it definitely morphed into that! 


Aspen. Get to know her face. She's my WORLD!!!!!

And this is the look I get when clearly I have spent to much time socializing through the computer with you all, and not her! 


I've met some truly great blogger people 
(even though I haven't met them in person)
See the dress I'm wearing?

Miss Hailey

 over at Tied together With a Smile 
sent me her dress for FREE out of the goodness of her heart! (Story goes that New york and CO. were sold out of it completely, and I was pretty disappointed seeing how it's perfect to teach in and wear to church) Miss Hailey totally offered to send me her dress. I was like say what????? 

You'd give up an adorable dress to a complete blog stranger?

Yes folks she did.

Hailey thank you again!

See what awesome people you can encounter on here???


I am OBSESSED with watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

I've seen ALL THE SEASONS. Never missed an episode.

I'm totally THAT girl that follows ALL that have a twitter account, and
totally THAT girl that goes bonkers if they reply or retweet me!


Former Bachelorette Contestant from Brad's second season!

Yeah that's right the QUEEN herself Trista Sutter tweeted me back!!! 

PS if anyone knows of where I can find this dress do SHARE!!! LOVES IT on miss Ali Fed
former bachelorette!

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry bout 2 posts...One was scheduled and this one caught my eye this morning so I just had to link up! 



  1. Shutup! That girl sent you her dress!! That takes the cake on my book! WHAT. A. SHOW OFF! hahaha! That color does look amazing on you!! Have a fabu weekend pretty girl!

  2. ok a couple of things. your dog is so presh, so is that dress, and yes I am obsessed with reality tv/bachelor especially and freak out when they reply to me too! my only claim to fame was Guiliana Rancic replied to me! :)

  3. I LOVE how we can connect to famous people via twitter!!! LOVES.

    And you should send that dress request to Possessionista.com.

    I am saving your life today ;)

  4. Lol! Aspen's face makes me smile everytime I see it! Such a cute little bumpkin! :)

  5. That is so kind of your follower to give you that dress! It is gorgeous!!!! How sweet!!!

    AND being a fellow fan of The Bachelor....I'm so jealous that Trista tweeted you back!!! I still love her and Ryan!

  6. love everything about this post. Your pup is too cute. my puggie loves your pup!

  7. can totally see why you'd be obsessed with your dog!! too cute!! i'm obsessed with mine too!

  8. Aspen is too stinkin' cute!!

  9. This post is so cute! That dress that Hailey sent you is TDF. It's perfect for the classroom but let's you keep your personal style too (that's always a challenge for teachers - like me!). Hailey is a doll. Aspen is precious and love your twitter too! Happy Friday!

  10. Oh your dog is so cute!
    And I love The bachelor/bachelorette!
    Can I just say that Ali was my favorite ever! Love her!

  11. Found you off the link up! Looking forward to reading your blog!

  12. I can't believe Trista tweeted you back! I always get nervous to tweet celebrities, but that's amazing! Love it.

  13. I saw one of the contestants Allie (dark brown hair) from Brad's season this past weekend ..she is on the Bachelor pad too..she lives in Columbus, was gonna shout out to her, "Hey! I'll be watching the Bachelor Pad" ..but I thought that would be weird lol

  14. Woah! That was so nice of her to send the dress to you....and it looks amazing on you.


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