23 August 2011

Tail Wagging Tues Vol 11

Is it Tuesday already?!

That means Tail Wagging Tuesday Time! 

This week's topic was so graciously suggested by the fab Megan over at Mackey Madness.

Thank you Megan for all your creative juices where mine lack! 

Today's Topic:

Share with us the most funniest picture of your fur child (children)

This is a great topic, but man a tough one for me! 

Aspen has a pretty routine, controlled life, there isn't too much she "gets away with" as some rambunctious pups are able to pull on their fur mommas and dads!

But when she was a pup, I was able to snap this shot of her.

This bra hung from the back of my desk chair. At this particular moment, SOMEONE was pretty mad that mommy was spending more time with her back to her, so she decided she'd get my attention by playing tug of war with my bra!! Naughty girl! haha

MY other fave funny pic isn't too funny, but to me, I smile every time I see Aspen lay like this. She just looks so, well, funny to be upside down!

Show me what cha got! Link up!!!



  1. I love the bra pic! Maybe she just wanted to play dress up? Or wear it as a hat? Happy Tuesday!

  2. She is such a cute little fur ball! I love the photo of her tugging on the bra! Haha!

  3. The picture of Aspen going after your bra is HILARIOUS! Love <3

  4. Ha so cute! My furballs do stuff like this to when I am not giving them enough attention.

  5. Cutieee. Love the bra pic. Miss my fur baby. She lives with my parents.

  6. LOL the bra pic...Love it! I should snap one of Rocky and my underwear sometime. Or is that even more inappropriate for the blog? SorryI couldn't link up today...had to do a post for the Billy head. xoxo

  7. Hahaha! Too cute.. I love tail wagging tuesdays!

  8. Your pup is super cute! I would be very angry is my little doggie was chewing on my bra (he essentially chews on everything else).

    Great blog!

  9. Haha... awesome picture! I just found your blog today. I'll try to link up next week. If you like to check out my pups there is a link under my header on my blog.

  10. Too cute! The bra picture is great!


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