19 August 2011

I'm a Barbie Girl

Haha. Not me. I'm talking about

the one and only 

K E N & B A R B I E ! 

I got these pictures from
Jesslyn Amber's blog 

So then I got to thinkin {dot dot dot}

(no pun intended Tracy girl if you read this hehe)

Were Barbie and Ken EVER married? like ever in the history of Mattel?

Then I read this pretty funny article online.

"Over the years we've been encouraged to marvel at Barbie's dexterity. She has navigated an exceptional career path and maintained a picture-perfect 43-year relationship, with ne'er a hair out of place. Last month, however, the fantasy unraveled. Mattel announced two days before Valentine's Day that America's favorite plastic couple had split up. 

Those of us who wondered, "Who will get the Dream House?" were a bit perplexed to learn that it's not an issue. There would be no lawyers' fees over the divvying up of assets, no quibbling over who keeps the Beach Cruiser, because Barbie and Ken were never married. That was a bit of a shock, and it provoked a complicated reaction. What do you call a single woman who's gone steady for more than four decades? Sexually liberated? Lacking in imagination? Commitment phobic?

Barbie made her debut in 1959 as a fashion model. Ken entered the scene two years later. The happily unmarried couple began their radical lifestyle together at a time when the working husband and his stay-at-home wife reflected mainstream cultural values on programs like "The Dick Van Dyke Show." Barbie made up for her radicalism with acceptable feminine occupations, like candy-striper volunteer and ballerina — although, always contradictory, she did sport a spacesuit four years before NASA put a person on the moon.

By the time the 80's rolled around, Ken's main squeeze had gotten her groove back. She would not be caught unawares again. She covered all possible fast tracks. Barbie the hard-nosed business executive and Barbie the Unicef ambassador rivaled pop icons like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper as Barbie the rock star, and she sweated it out like Jane Fonda as an aerobics instructor. Luckily for the slew of exotic and domestic pets she'd acquired over the years, she also became a veterinarian.

In 1998, Barbie went through one of her most drastic changes. Her breasts shrank, and her torso put on a little weight. Ken didn't love her any less — he stuck by her side for another six years. And while Barbie's family grew by leaps and bounds, the kids — Skipper, Tutti, Stacie, Todd, Kelly and Krissy — were introduced as her siblings, not illegitimate children. So there will be no need for a new outfit for the custody battle.

Now that Barbie has morphed into the latest trendy persona — single woman — who knows what she'll tackle next. But anyone scribbling away on a "Barbie and the City" pilot may want to think twice. Her future sounds more like Baywatch Barbie. Word is that she's surfing the California waves and has her eye on an Australian boogie-boarder named Blaine."

Article from here



  1. i laughed at this;
    too funny girl.
    i cant believe they never got married!
    but i guess now a days thats not to uncommon!

  2. HAHA I saw this at Jesslyn's blog! LOVE IT!

    I love the article!

  3. So weird! haha I remember I had a pregnant barbie who came with a little toddler Kelly but they ended up discontinuing the line because she didnt have a ring on her finger, such a scandalous barbie!

  4. This is so hilarious! I didn't know about most of this, glad I got my Barbie history lesson for the day in!

  5. Augh, how I love Barbie! How cool!


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