09 August 2011

I Miss Tues Top 2 don't you?

Attention all bloggers

Does Anyone know what happened to Taylor aka over at The Undomestic Momma?

She was our fabulous Host of 

And somehow I fell off her blog list and when I tried to re-add her blog back, it basically says her blog is invitation only...

Then randomly another blogger said she got "sick" and has even closed her Etsy shop.

So I was just wondering if any of you actually knew if A, she still blogs, B, if she is sick sick like with cancer?

What would someone think of taking over Top 2 Tuesday?


Speaking of Link ups......


AUGUST 16th!


Any pictures of your pets you wanna share
recent or old :) 


Have y'all checked out my new button on the side of my page that has the big red line through the word: WORD VERIFICATION?

Um Yeah please check/click on it to check it out.

(I'm lazy at the moment and don't feel like
 linking the same image that's already on my page!)

Newbie bloggers PLEASE do this...

you will get TONS MORE COMMENTS and feedback if you don't make others who visit your page have to type all those stupid words out!

I know when I'm on my cell checkin blogs, that I don't have the time on the screen size to mess with typing those word verifications.

Ok moving on...

I know y'all watched The Bachelor Pad 2!
First gone:

Rated R Justin

And some girl named Ali who I don't even remember from Brad's Season.

Holy drama Vienna and Jake.

Honestly I thought it was a good thing that Jake apologized to her, and gave her the rose. I thought he was very man about the whole thing, and yet Vienna kept going on an on about how he's a "monster".

Best part for me of the show:

Seeing Jake pass a little 3rd grader girl who started crying when she saw him she was so star struck!

I really thought it was cool he took the time to take a photo and actually talk to her.



  1. I've been wondering the same things about Taylor. I remember her tweeting something about possibly doing a reality tv show...but idk if that happened or not. I hope she isn't sick.

    SO EXCITED for tail waggin tuesday!!!

    AND....I tweeted that I wouldnt watch Bachelor Pad 2 but... there was nothing else on TV. I caved in. Shame on me for bashing it. I have never watched it before. And I have never watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette stuff til I decided to for Brad's season. I got hooked. I hate Vienna. She is from Orlando, FL (where I live) and I have heard no nice things about her at all. I really don't think Jake is a monster. He seems real genuine, but then again...some people put on acts in front of the camera. But when Jake took time to talk to that cute star struck girl...melted my heart!!! <3

  2. I was wondering what had happened with Taylor as well!! I would consider taking over Top 2 Tuesday temporarily until she gets back, because I miss it too!!

  3. Completely 200% agree with you on No Word Verification!! I get so frustrated with it and half the time end up abandoning the comment. I also get frustrated when people don't have their email associated with their profile so I can't email them when they comment on my blog.

    Definitely watching Bachelor Pad this season because Graham is on it! He was my personal trainer a few years ago before he moved to NY. I am kind of bummed he teams up with Michelle Money. And Vienna has go to go. I didn't like her back them and I like her even less now!

  4. Just from what I read on her blog she had some sort of autoimmune disease requiring Chemo. I followed her on twitter and I remember her saying she was going to take a break from all Social Media to spend more time with her family.


  5. Totally loving the BP2!!!!

    And Vienna is going to drive me even more insane than she did last time!!!

    My fave part was Kasey's extra 30 pounds of muscle. LOL

  6. I was wondering the same thing about Taylor. The last post I remember was about a recent trip they took and when I went back to look at her blog, I saw it was invitation only! Let me know if you hear anything!

  7. The last I remember she did get really sick, but not sure other than that.

    SO HAPPY you are bringing back Tail Waggin Tues next week! can't wait.


  8. I was wondering what happened to Taylor too! Last I heard on Twitter was that she was moving too! I'm not sure though about her being sick.

    I'm so glad TWT is coming back!

    And I hate word verification. Oh, and Bachelor Pad is definitely going to be interesting!

  9. Last I remember reading was that Taylor was going through chemo, her hair fell out and she got a wig but generally wears a pretty scarf around her head instead of the wig. She does not have cancer, but some auto immune disease that she never went into detail about. Her doctors thought the chemo might kill the disease. I have thought about her a few times since her last post about going on a free trip to San Antonio and really hope her health hasn't taken a turn for the worst...

  10. I think YOU should take over the top Tuesday thing. I never did it before but since I love reading your blog, I would love to do it!

    I watched Bachelor Pad & of course was so into the drama of Jake and Vienna. I think he is totally in love with her still. She could always ditch Kasey (ugh)!

  11. Um, SUPER happy Tail Wagging Tuesday is going to be back next week. I just love love love it!

    And I totally agree with the word verification. Worst thing ever.

  12. I was sad to see Taylor vanished from blogging world, hopefully just a bredk although it seems like a really long one. Thinking of her and her family. She had a Facebook page for her family and maybe we can track her down that way???

  13. I tracked Taylor down not too long ago on facebook and just told her that she was on my mind a lot lately and I just wanted her to know that I was praying for her and her family. Never heard back. I hope she does come back one day. I would love if Top 2 Tuesday came back!!

  14. Don't worry still teaching, actually had students today-Crazy-I know! I still plan on adding art posts on my new blog. Glad you liked them:)

  15. o my word the little girl crying was DEFINITELY the best moment HAHAHAH I was dyyyying. Who would freak out over JAKE!? too funny!

  16. I had been wondering the same thing about Taylor for the past couple of months now. Have no idea what happened :(

  17. Bachelor Pad is waiting for meeee on my DVR... I can't wait to watch it!! I can't believe I have waited this long to watch it. I did catch a bit... so dramatic.
    Also - can't agree with you more on the word verification. Annoying.


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