21 August 2011

Sunday Scavenger Photo Link Up!

Sunday Scavenger Hunt Time!

Via the lovely Ashley Sisk

G E O M E T R Y 

I entered this last year in Trendy Treehouse's challenge and won! Love this photo. 


B R U S H S T R O K E S 
This lesson is on Monet's Water lilies. Great lesson to show all the movement of water through a paintbrush.

H A N G I N G  B Y   A  T H R E A D
This blanket is 29 yrs old. It was the blanket I came home from in the hospital, and I've slept with it every night of my life since. I'm not ashamed! I hide it a lot under my pillow, so Mister Wonderful doesn't seem to mind! The beautiful edges were sewn on by my mother, and are sadly falling off. 

C O L L A G E 
I made this box in college. I was really big into "collage" in college :) 

ON  T H E   D O T T E D   L I N E 
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My typical weekend to do list! 



  1. gorgeous shots hun .. love the hanging by a thread the light is seems so soft.

  2. Great shots...lots of painting going on! Love geometry!

  3. Great work - I'm really liking your first shot!

  4. Great pictures girl :) I still sleep with my baby blankets too...good thing my hubby doesn't mind!

  5. Wonderful series of photo's. The edit on the hanging by a thread is so beautiful and the geometry shot is so fun.

  6. This is so adorable! you have an eye for art and the pictures are amazing! nice shots!!! Definitely makes me want to go and be artsy now!

  7. So freaking cute! I love the blanket! My friend, Ashley, (who is actually linked to my current blog post!) sleeps with hers from her childhood, too! I think that's so sweet. I have a Snoopy dog that means the world to me that I got on my first Christmas. :) And boy was I into collaging in college, too.. I collaged everything! It was a little ridiculous. At least you're artistic and your box is cute. Some of my stuff.. er... not so cute. :) Random question.. Who did your blog layout? I really need help in re-doing mine a little. :)

  8. What a lovely box! Fantastic for collage! Great set! My 3 year old had a nightmare recently that her blankie was dying~she'll be relieved to learn they can have a life span of over 29 years.

  9. Can't pick one out because i love them all. The hanging by a thread is lovely and very peaceful to look at.

  10. whoa those are amazing! i especially LOVE the first one!

  11. I love your little snoopy and Charlie Brown notepad! So cute!


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