05 August 2011

If I was Rich

I'd by me some of this fine Jewelry.....

Seriously how awesome is this? I'd get me a little C or something:)

Rings Found at the store called Catbird.

And to match it necklace wise...

Necklace found on Etsy. Now before y'all go darting over there, the seller has been on vacation and her shop is totally closed.... :( 

And I was first told about Dogeared Jewels by the lovely Jessica (does anyone else think I talk about her incessantly on here? hahah bestie blog buddy!) 

I couldn't help but notice in a lot of her photos she had the cutest necklace on

Isn't it so dainty?! Like Jess said, it goes with everything and is so small not overbearing to take away from outfits and such.

Here's the link to the necklace.

And of course this is still on my list as well.

David Yurman
I have the cuff, now I need this to match! 



  1. I WANT the Yurman bracelet! I will buy you one if you buy me one :) I want you to get the doggeared necklace!! I really think you would love it...I may or may not even shower in mine :) I NEVER take it off. Hope your day is going fabulous girly!! It's the WEEEEEKEND!!!!!

  2. Ooo I really love that necklace that Jess has on...I may have to get that someday!!

  3. AWWW I love that necklace- WHY must the seller be on vacay!?

  4. i've been thinking, i need more jewellery in my life. thanks for the inspiration.

  5. LOVE the jess pics and that necklace! what a sassafras she is!

    I heart you both :)

  6. You should check out this etsy shop! I bought my friend this necklace and she loves it! So tiny but adorable. I plan to get one for myself too. AND affordable...check out the entire shop too.


  7. I want everything on this post! Seriously so adorable!

  8. It is so funny you chose that Etsy necklace! I have been waiting a couple weeks now for the store to be up and running again because I want that necklace so bad!! I also love those rings. So dainty and beautiful. Ohh.. to be rich. Wouldn't that be nice? haha

  9. i loooove that pearl necklace!! I want ! and the yurman too :)

  10. You just helped jump start my birthday wish list. Muchas gracias senorita!

  11. the letter/heart necklace and the dog eared pearl necklace have been on my want lists forever. i want them like yesterday.


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